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  1. Seems alright now, if I'm not speaking too soon. Thanks!
  2. When I click on a thread, read the first post and then scroll down to read the replies, it's empty. It's just a long white page. Also, if I click on "new posts" and then click out of it and then go back, it says that there aren't any new posts.
  3. I knew who she was through my dad. He used to have a box set of her old TV show. She grew up in Houston.
  4. I wouldn't care if they closed Fiesta Texas and Over Texas. If we can't have one they don't need one either.
  5. I saw Joe Roach the other day when I had jury duty.
  6. I went to the game yesterday and succeeded in sneaking in a bottle of water. I'd never even attempted it until I read the article. Thanks!
  7. Taco Bell or Taco Bell food? The food there is so not worth the price. Made me angry to read that the Astros and Red Sox stadiums are the only ones that don't allow food, but still, the Red Sox allow drinks. Why us? Our team stinks and we can't even bring our own food. Screw it.
  8. They should have the Houston skyline only, the space shuttle and should be pink. Anything else sucks.
  9. They're like that anytime something new and exciting is proposed for the city.
  10. Another thing, like Kinkaid said, if it's off the list then it can't get bashed. I remember a poll about a year ago, it may have been Travel and Leisure, I'm not sure, in which the readers voted for the cities which they thought had the ugliest people. Dallas rounded off the top three.
  11. Neither are a lot of the others on the list. I like Houston under the radar, though. It's much better than being overrated like Austin and Dallas.
  12. I joined Twitter about a year ago and probably logged in no more than four times since. I don't care anything about it.
  13. Here's a mini biography in Shane's own words explaining how he ended up in Galveston: http://www.sfmcdermottart.com/Artist%20Bio.html
  14. He has every right to dress how he chooses and he should. I personally think it looks silly, but that's my opinion. I'm saying Texas will always have the cowboy image because people reinforce it. Nothing's going to change either way. People can wear whatever they want and people can complain however they want. It's moot. That's it. I think the gangsta look and guys in skinny jeans look silly. I have no doubt some people think I look silly.
  15. It doesn't help when goobers show up to Rockets nationally broadcasts games wearing 10 gallon hats. I think a lot of people feel obligated to "be Texan". They love to play up the image. I don't know why. I wish at least Houstonians would set themselves apart from the Texas image and build on the internationalilty of the city instead. At least our pro sports teams (aside from the obvious one) don't have names with Texas connotations like every single other pro sports team in the state. So we have that and like it.
  16. Besides tearing it down, at this point I don't even care what they do with the dome as long as it's not football or rodeo ralated or that hokey sounding Texas themed hotel. Just do something already.
  17. I couldn't agree with you more; I love Herman park. I've said before that it's my favorite part of Houston.
  18. Is that a new rendering? I was skeptical about this park from the beginning. I can't believe it's still happening, especially now. We'll see.
  19. We do need some sort of new anti littering campaign for Houston. I don't care about the rest of Texas.
  20. I would have loved to poke holes in their tires.
  21. Yes! See my avatar. I heard that Rose and Bernard would resurface in the season finale in May. As for the flaming arrows, we'll probably get that POV in an upcoming episode. I thought I read that somewhere. I'm trying to ease up on reading spoilers now that the season is winding down.
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