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  1. Now that they have demolished the former Dow complex off of BW8 between Briar Forest & Memorial, I was reminded of going to the Mexican restaurant that used to be behind it as a kid, does anyone remember the name of it? I think it closed in the early to mid 80's and was bought up as part of the complex.
  2. Hate to bump a thread this old, but is there any update on anything happening with this center?
  3. I would guess reporters and producers would be concerned about retaliation for stories/reports they do as well. I did get to take a tour of the Ch 13 KTRK studios with my scout troop during the summer of '88. All we really saw was the studio itself, but we did meet Roland Galvan and he showed us how the blue screen worked and some of the weather maps as well.
  4. Willowbrook opened in '82, I remember they took a while to finish it, I remember seeing it under construction and seeing the big arch at the Sears entrance for the first time.
  5. I thought it was the modern looking house on the north side of the intersection where Memorial splits off from Briar Forest.
  6. I remember seeing a retrospective story about that place on Ch 26 in the early 90's and driving by it not too much later; it was a very creepy looking place.
  7. I think I have posted some of these already but here goes: Stevens & Pruett circa 1987 http://youtube.com/watch?v=KqKJakfKtkQ Clear Lake Dodge (remember this guy?) http://youtube.com/watch?v=ITnHh9U3GXk 93Q/John Lander and the phrase that pays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG6MoDMRw2k...ted&search= Astroworld 1980 I forgot the Mel Tillis Whataburger commercials or the one with Jose Cruz
  8. He did live in a semi-French looking house off of Memorial just outside the loop on Friar Tuck; just down the street was where AJ Foyt used to live. The fortune came from buying up old strip centers, "rejuvenating them" with some fresh paint and jacking up the leases. I echo LunaticFringe's comments.
  9. This guy was my dad's landlord for one of his stores, he and his wife were not exactly the most pleasant people to deal with...
  10. Anyone have a clue what will happen to Fieldstone now that their second builder is going bankrupt (Kimball Hill)? Royce Homes already went out of business with what looked like a bunch of unsold homes/lots. We're about to leave Waterside and build in Cinco and some builders there are already being a bit tentative about expanding into new sections.
  11. It was on the SW corner of the 610/59 interchange if I remember correctly, where the big hill used to be that was a waterslide and later an ampitheater was built there. It's all gone now due to the Westpark tollway.
  12. I remember this very question coming up on Wendy Miller's midday show on KLOL one day, I'll never forget the guy who called in and said "the one on Ch. 2 with the fake ****" referring to Dominique. I remember she didn't quite look that way when she did morning traffic while still being a dj on Mix 96.5.
  13. There used to be a Copeland's on Richmond but it only lasted a couple of years. I grew up in Spring but went to college in Ruston w/ a bunch of NO & BR kids and spent plenty of off time there; for me the best food in town is the original Ragin Cajun and Magnolia Bar & Grill for crawfish.
  14. It had started declining when the Westheimer location was the only one left but when "Mrs. Felix" died and the son took over it went downhill quick, it got more dingy and run down inside and the food quality began to fall off. My parents and grandparents had been going there since the 50's, whether on Kirby or Bissonet or Westheimer.
  15. There is still a Griff's in the metropolis of Ruston, LA where I went to college at Louisiana Tech.
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