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  1. They're probably waiting until they can figure out what the best use for the site is.
  2. Uh? Just let it go already...I have a hard time believing you can be this naive. Do you know anything about Houston's no zoning and intentional laissez faire attitude? Do you know anything about property right? For all the time you seem to spend on this forum, it seems like you've been living under a rock since the Ashby debacle began.
  3. The lights were for their grand opening on Wednesday. http://tinyurl.com/lwcg87w
  4. Keep in mind this building was planned and designed in 2010. There was no boom then, just crisis.
  5. Keep in mind this building was planned and designed in 2010. There was no boom then, just crisis.
  6. The best comp is the Cosmopolitan across the street. As ugly as it is, it sold quite well. People with money who are willing to put up with Galleria area traffic just for the perceived prestige are not necessarily rational buyers.
  7. They're not sure if it will be residential or commercial, but "hopefully" they will start renovations in 30 to 60 days...good luck with that.
  8. I'm liking it too, at least better than I used to. I got a chance to see the interior space BBVA is building; it is REALLY cool.
  9. Slightly being the key word
  10. No, the builders cut corners. The only lights are the signs that light up white at night.
  11. Hanover secured the equity and debt financing for this project in early 2011, that was not easy at the time. Hanover did have to take their developments down a notch, but that's what the financial markets required at the time - it was just smart business.
  12. Every one seems to forget that when this project broke ground there was nothing else being built anywhere; no one could get financing. If Hanover had to cut corners to get this project off the ground so be it; they found a way to do what no one else could at the time.
  13. BBVA only has 7 floors; the rest of the building is mostly available still; as is most of Skanska's building. I wouldn't expect phase 2 any time soon. I don't like the green glass either, so 90's.
  14. I like it. It's great urban infill; I don't miss the big parking lot surrounding the old bar
  15. ??? The Church has very clearly issued decisions on condoms (or any form of contraception) and pre-marital sex; they are just not the decisions that our self-centered culture of instant gratification likes. On another point, one reason old churches were so ornate and full of interpretative art is that they were a tool to spread the teachings of the Church in a time when most people were illiterate and had no access to books.
  16. I'll tell you why this Cathedral does not have elaborate designs: "I wanted something that would be really simple in design, not overly ornate. I didn't want any type of baroque church. Something that would have a simplicity about it but a simplicity that would show its nobility, simple nobility, the elegance of simplicity. I wanted the lines of the church to be clean and attractive, and I think the architects did a very good job." Archbishop Fiorenza, from the Houston Chronicle interview.
  17. I disagree; it is not besides the point. There is a big difference between a design element that has a significance that still holds true (such as a dome or a cruciform floor plan) and a "design element" that is untrue to its form. The dome is not there merely to evoke a traditional feature, it creates a special place in the church under which the liturgy takes place, where the word of God is spoken and where the Eucharist is consecrated. The buttresses used to have a very significant, albeit structural role. If you take that role away, they are just a meaningless, nostalgic, neogothic add-ons. They are no better than the "columns" on the side of Randall Davis' Gotham building in River Oaks.
  18. That is not correct. Buttresses are not "just decorative elements". Unlike the dome or the rose windows, buttresses are meant to be a structural element, just like a column would be. Having fake buttresses in a concrete and steel church is an architectural absurdity.
  19. It must be all that limestone, it's the same material all the self-storage units have...or maybe it's the stained glass.
  20. fernz

    Discovery Tower

    Where did you read that? How on earth does having retail make a building more environmentally friendly? As far as I know, there isn't any LEED credit for mixing uses.
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