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  1. Did anyone else notice KTRK ABC 13 updated their newscast openings with different theme and VoiceOver. I noticed the change during all of their newscast yesterday. I wonder why the subtle but big change.
  2. I’ve been a fan and viewer of KTRK ABC 13 for years. I’ve seen many changes throughout the years. Does anyone else think it’s time for a Graphics Package revamp or update!? The current package debuted in April 2015. It’s too generic in my opinion, a mix of skyline/city shots and modern would be a great fit in my opinion!
  3. There could possibly be a new HEB going up on the northeast corner of FM 2920 and Gosling road in Spring. There has been talks between HEB officials and Bridgestone Mud officials on the nearly 11 acre tract of land before the company purchases it. The main concern with the tract of land is the detention pond that takes up a good portion of it. HEB wants to minimize the size of the detention pond for the store's parking lot. There is no word yet on the size of the future store or it's amenities. There will be a gas station and car wash. I found this new location a bit odd being that the nearest HEB at FM 2920 and Spring Cypress is only 3 miles east of this tract of land. Another new location just opened last year at Kuykendahl and Creekside. A new store will also open at Boudreaux Rd. and Champion Forest Dr. next year. This Texas born grocery chain is definitely growing at a rather fast past.
  4. Yeah it appears they seem to be either updating or rebuilding the set. If this is true, they are way overdue for a new set. The new graphics are great but the set needs to match the new updated graphics and the current set matches the old graphics.
  5. Today as I was watching the 11AM newscast I noticed brand new graphics and a new guy doing their voiceover. The graphics are really nice, sleek, modern and contemporary. It's a really nice new look for KTRK. This is the first time since 2007 that they received a whole new graphics package. The guy doing the voiceover sounds way more modern and up to date than the previous guy. Way to go ABC 13!!
  6. Construction is moving right along!
  7. Grand Opening date is scheduled for Wednesday October 8, 2014 at 6am. Once again this 100,000 square foot store will be considered an HEB "UP" format store. For those of you who have been to the Fairfield Market HEB, the store's layout will be very similar but about 5,000 square feet smaller in which you probably really wouldn't be able to notice. The new Grant Market HEB will have an expanded beer and wine department and also a Cafe on the Run which is the in-store restaurant. The new Woodlands store at Creekside Market will be the exact same layout as the Grant Market store but will have a different elevation. The Woodlands store opens two weeks later.
  8. This new HEB will be the 5th store in the Woodlands area. The store will be approximately 99,000 square feet which makes it the 2nd largest of the 5 stores with Woodlands 4(FM1488/Kuykendahl) topping 105,000 square feet. Of course this store will be a full functioning HEB which means it will have all the bells and whistles. -Pharmacy -Gas Station -Bakery and Deli with cheese shop -Meat and Fish Market -Healthy Living Department -Beer and Wine section -No word yet on if it will have a Café on the Run (HEB Restaurant) The store will lay in between Creekside Forest and West New Harmony Trail west of Kuykendahl Rd. Construction will begin early 2014.
  9. HEB has land purchased for its 4th Cypress area location. The store will be built on the northwest corner of Spring Cypress and Grant Rd. The site is adjacent to a Cy Fair ISD elementary school. The store will be 99,000 square feet. The store will be a full functioning HEB, which means it will feature a pharmacy, gas station, full service bakery, deli, meat and fish market, beer and wine section and a healthy living department. No word yet on if the store will have a Café on the Run which is the HEB restaurant in some stores. Construction will start early 2014. HEB has its Cypress and Fairfield Markets off of 290 as well as the Jones and West store in the Cy Fair area.
  10. If anyone else watched the news at 6 today it was very different. Dave Ward and Gina Gaston anchor the first half, and Erik Barajas and Illona Carson anchor the second half. It's very interesting. They even have their own little talent montage graphic along with some new segment graphics for Tim Heller and Greg Bailey. Overall it's very nice, very non traditional format, great job KTRK!!, what's next!!!
  11. Ok, so it's time for the whole graphics package to be changed completely. KTRK has had these graphics since 2007. They are nice but it's time for a change in my opinion. Anyone know when they plan to change them?
  12. It seems like ABC 13 has went back to the old music theme for the 6 and 10pm talent montages. I guess the change came with the addition of Greg Bailey, the new sports director.
  13. This new HEB Fairfield Market on 290/Mason will be approximately 108,000 square feet. This store will be considered a "up" store. It will feature 18 straight lined registers at checkout, cafe on the run, Healthy Living department and a wide selection of organic/specialty items.The store layout is the same as the new Sugarland Market and Woodlands 4 Northern Market stores which opened last year. Grand Opening date for the new Fairfield Market is set November 14, 2012 at 6am. The new HEB Jersey Village on Jones/West will be a transformed former Randalls topping 65,000 square feet. It will be considered a "core" store. This store will have no Healthy Living department, no Cafe on the run, not as big of selection of organic and specialty items. The store will feature 11 straight lined registers and a fully functioning business center and pharmacy. Grand Opening is slated for mid October 2012. HEB also has land already purchased for a 5th Woodlands store near Sawdust and Riley Fizzel Road and a 2nd Pearland store on Pearland Parkway. There is no word yet on when construction will begin.
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