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  1. They were trying to match the McMansion across the street I guess. Another example of a clueless realtor with a listing price picked out of thin air. Too stupid to price it at sold comps. Any chance it may have had was as an original mod at a reasonable price. Look at the prices of homes that have been sitting aroun in there for a long time on the market, like that one on Gershwin for $795,000 with the perpetual for sale sign in front.
  2. I have been in that house, its very very bad as well. Walking through it was like a fun house at the carnival, it has serious foundation / structural products, with buckling floors, some dumb flip your house re-muddles, like a solid granite counter that is actually 3 remnents they tried to put together and it obvious, cheap laminate floors. It seems like it was a house flip gone bad. The guy who owns it could not have possible been inside that house before he bought it, the structual issues are way too obvious. I said to the realtor I would not take it for free.
  3. This one is really really bad inside, I don't think its worth saving
  4. Wow this guy was right on, it IS a mod variation I think the answer about context of the house and neighborhood is, ME ME ME ME Texasdago is correct, but I will go further, there are many new mcmansions in MB that are suitable for teardown lot only sales. Obviously no one is buying them. I have to laugh every time I drive by the Memorial and beltway feeder mcmansion, I hope they planned on owning that forever.
  5. You are correct BryanS, look at the economic situation and the banks insolvency, there is no way they are going back to high appraisals. It seems reality is still on its way to Houston.
  6. This hood is so messed up (home value wise) besides the mcmansions that area has listed for hundreds of days and not selling. what's up with two other ranches on the same side 12930 hansel ln listed for $497,777 12911 traviata dr listed for $325,600 Seems to me agents don't know what to do and are just pulling numbers out of the air.
  7. There is just something different about architects that had to use a pencil and slide rules instead of todays computers and CAD.
  8. Oh great, its going to have a cheap townhouse look to it, that's much better.
  9. I once read that the multi-angle roof lines came about due to efforts from roofing products manufacturers. Roofs on these homes would be very expensive to replace and repair. Don't know if that's true, but does make sense.
  10. Anyone know what year residential real estate really got going with the mulitple bid scenario?
  11. Ya Neo Post Modern would be close. I love all the landscaping in the backyard photo This is a great example of a mcmansion. Its like the home itself and interior "design" were basically the result of someone walking through a store and looking at magazine pages and saying "I like that, and that and really like that" then threw it all together, that resulted in the mish mash designless thing that you see. Out of all that space, who puts a piano in a towering staircase ??
  12. I believe a builder owns it, lets see how long they can hold on paying out money on it, the only thing they have going is that it still has a homestead tax exempt on it from the previous owner. Certainly another MB mcmansion will not sell either. Just add to that list of 6 plus empty lots. I am also waiting for the 417 Mignon owner to finally give up too, obvioulsy a year or so at $417,000 is not going to sell.
  13. Yes those as well. I would really like any agents out there (you that like to sell lot only) Explain to me exactly the dividing line build date of a house that makes it "lot value only". Is it 1958? 1968? 1978? 1998? Is it agents or builders that have given themselves the power to make that decision?
  14. Memorial Bend seems to really have been a hotspot for spec mcmansion builders. The few homes they sold in the bubble years had driven prices up. But have a look at HAR and see how many are in there for sale now, and have been for sale for quite a while. I count 6 on HAR and not sure if there are more not yet on HAR. Will these homes now bring back down the prices in MB.
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