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  1. What are these steel boxes spaced a few ft apart along new N Shepherd construction??
  2. Anyone know what is going on at 2215 Lawrence across from H-E-B, former Facet Seven? A lot of movement there lately with windows added.
  3. Anyone have insight into this property? It was previously a part of a used auto shop. There appears to be a patio in the back where there are people coming and going on weekend nights. Windows are tinted very dark. Weird that the developers of the neighboring apartment complex didn't acquire this site as well.
  4. Good info. Any idea if happy go lucky will be a coffee or cocktail drive thru? Perhaps both?
  5. What is up with all of the excess water near this site? Has been like this since Katz moved in. Was exceptionally bad today!
  6. We live nearby - they are taking their sweet time on this development. It has been a total mess and eye sore for 6+ months. They desperately need more parking so hopefully that’s it. Not sure what the old resale shop or auto dealer are ultimately going to become.
  7. Anyone know what the deal is with the properties owned by the Burger Joint folks? A lot of activity between 20th and 23rd on Shepherd on properties that can be traced to them.
  8. Posted in another thread, but anyone know what is going on at 20th and Shepherd? Burger Joint guys previously posted signs at The Car Wash was going in at 21st and Shepherd, but they have since moved the sign and fenced off the old spray wash facility at 20th and Shepherd... what's going to happen to the shack across 21st from The Taco Stand? I assume pizza shop still in the works at the old Portros Resale.
  9. Anyone know what’s going on at The Car Wash across the street from this development? Burger Joint guys previously had signs up, but it appears they have since changed plans and are actively remodeling the former spray wash place at 20th and Shepherd… something is still f going on at the 21 and shepherd location but doesn’t appear to be a car wash.
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