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  1. Just b/c a place serves food does classify it as a restaurant. Smoking is permitted if a majority of the sales is from alcohol.
  2. I think used to have printing company in the building....I am talking directly across from the new walgreens on smith street
  3. Maybe a Riteaid or Eckerds....
  4. Any ideas what the plans are at McGowen and Smith? I see the building across the street from the new Walgreens is in the process of being demolished.
  5. Pub Fiction has really good happy hour specials. You can check them out @ www.pubfiction.com. Just click on the specials tab on the homepage. Also, there is almost always a crowd there.
  6. I went to Pub Fiction last night. They had a great crowd for Happy Hour and for the rest of the night. It was Flashback Thursdays (80's night). They had a band playing called The Lost Boys. We all had a blast!
  7. Pangea closed last Sept.....they opened Joia at the old Timberwolves on Bissonet.
  8. I think it all depends on the owners of the bars keeping a good environment and not selling out for the quick buck. Has anyone been to Pub Fiction? If so, what do you think of the place?
  9. I don't know of a lot around Toyota Center. Jet Lounge closed. Another idea is always go to somewhere in Midtown and catch a cab over to Toyota center for a few bucks. It will probably be the same as parking around there anyway.
  10. Downtown is dead compared other parts of town. I went last night. It is a very nice place. It is attracting the Fickle 500 people.
  11. As a fyi the dress code is actually relaxed on saturday nights too.
  12. Just stay away from BSA. We had a horrible time with them. The design dimensions were not right several times, the Plumbing plans were totally wrong and against code. I could go on, but I hope you get my point.
  13. Just wanted to let you all know that Pub Fiction has some great Happy Hour Specials. You can check out the specials at www.pubfiction.com. The website is worth checking out, they did a great job!
  14. JFC

    Juliet Homes

    I was just looking to see if they build a good quality product and are a stand up company.
  15. JFC

    Juliet Homes

    Has anyone had any experience with Juliet Homes?
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