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  1. Does anyone know anything about the development at the corner of Hyde Park and Waugh? Looks like shipping containers and solar panels. I think the sign said Mirabeau Hyde Park.
  2. I was a kid when Fame City/Waterwords opened. Back then, it really was in the middle of nowhere, but a truly novel idea. I remember going there nearly every day during the summer with my best friends in middle school - late 80s and early 90s. We had several friends that worked there during high school too as life guards, at the mini-golf course, and the bowling alley. It was still nice until about the mid 90s. For a while, a church held services there, probably in the little theater/party room they had in the middle. When they opened, they had these tanks across the street. I don't remember if they were on a track or how they worked. I went to see fireworks there every summer when I was little - it was in the middle of a huge field, and we'd park on the grass across from the main building. Good times. It's kind of sad to see the water park torn down, but during it's last years, it never really looked safe to get on any of the rides anyway. It's unfortunate, because now there is so much new home construction along Beechnut, that it could be something good for the area. I don't see Funplex renewing itself again though.
  3. I have some of family in this area, in particular in the neighborhood you've mentioned. The homes are beautiful and quaint, and to be perfectly honest, I've never felt like it was a bad area (except maybe when I was a kid living in the burbs). Keep in mind that Eastwood, Idylwood, Forest Park/Lawn and Country Club Place are all close by too, so it may be only natural that the progress extend into Sunnyland. I've had to drive from there really at night a few times, and I've noticed how quiet the streets are, especially compared to the constant traffic in my area (SW Houston) at all hours of day and night. The neighborhood itself is a work in progress, but the many of the residents have lived there forever, and all tend to know each other and watch out for each others' homes. It is truly a wonderful neighborhood. Best of luck in your house-hunt. Truly, I think the scaredy-cat posts are from folks who never venture off 45 driving through there. I often get the same reaction from friends when I tell them that I'm going over to that area. I work in a transitional part of the Heights, and I'd rather be in Southeast Houston any day.
  4. I live in this area, about a mile from the proposed site. Doesn't look like anything is being done there now, but with all the new home construction along Beechnut and Bellaire, this would be an ideal place for a park.
  5. i love hearing about everyone's memories of alief - i grew up in the area, and have seen it change so much. rather than re-writing the whole thing, i have a blog posting about what used to be in alief. i wish i had photos. http://v-adventures.blogspot.com/2007_08_01_archive.html
  6. This is actually Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (www.olghouston.org), and it was started around 1912. I think the cemetery on the grounds may be named St. Vincent's though....
  7. Thanks for the info! I'd love to see some photos if you can post them!
  8. i'd be interested in seeing something like this too, being a native alief-ite (?) - it's changed so much even in the past 10 years!
  9. My parents used to talk about a club on north main called the "P.A" or Pan American Nite Club. My mom and her sisters would go to the Matinee in the 50s and 60s. I know that a lot of prominent Latin groups like Tito Puente and Perez Prado would play there. My dad even played with a band to two. I think the building may still be there, but I'm sure it was closed by the 80s. Does anyone know anything about it or have any photos of the interior? I've heard about a really beautiful fountain that was near the entrance. My folks and aunts and uncles would love to see.
  10. i think you should enjoy idylwood. i've lived in alief my whole life, but have family and friends over in that area - we've been looking at homes in country club place nearby. BTW - does anyone know how i can find out who built the homes in that area? my grandmothers' home is near the convent on Lawndale, and was built in 1940 and i'd like to know more about it.
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