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  1. https://tamalefestivalhouston.com/event-location 2021 Tamale Fest on the East River Project Grounds
  2. Large dumping of gravel pack at the East Riv Proj entrance road today - Just past Jensen bridge...let's go.
  3. Love the brick building and extended small nook on top. I have full view of it from rear window...
  4. Here's the highest I have seen for EADO. Prices should be rising as development continues.
  5. I am obsessed with the future development of Navigation / Canal /Commerce. There is a rotary / roundabout coming to replace the intersection at Jensen and Navigation / Runnels Rumor has it that the Lumber Yard on Canal and Commerce was sold to the developers of Kemah Boardwalk (Landrys?) Any truth to this ?
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