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  1. I blame Houston's, and Texas' image, or lack thereof on Hollywood. I can name a (major) movie or TV series in which just about every other major American city has been given exposure. It's skyline is shown nicely and you get good shots of the city throughout the show. However when Texas is in a movie it's ALWAYS the same old ignorant stereotypes that are played out... a small dusty town where all the kids are dreaming of "getting out" and starting a better life (usually California) and the entire town shuts down for the local high school football game. It bothers me to know end that of all the
  2. The Texans are BUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a freaking joke!!!! I have been loyal, but my patience is wearing VERY thin!!!!!! Fire Gary Kubiak!!!!! Bill Chower has expressed intres in Houston if it were available! For ONCE, can a Houston franchise be proactive and get someone like Bill Chower before he lands somewhere else. In case I have not made myself clear.....the Texans are BUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ^^ Are you Jason Statham from The Transporter?!?!? I have NEVER been able to hit that curve at 85 mph!! LOL!
  4. I absolutly detest GRB! I think it is the ugliest thing in Houston (and that is saying something!). I whish they would/could give it a facelift to make it look more like a world class venue. I know that is unlikely since it was recently renovated with the same ugly ass exterior, but one can dream.
  5. So...has there been ANY news on this thing or has it been decided that this was a pipe dream?
  6. Im sorry Im of the beleif that it is easier to build the big things and phase in the small things as opposed to the opposite.
  7. Movies without the typical stereotypes and actually showcase our skyline like the other cities you mentioned.
  8. If there is a God in heaven he will awnser my prayers and let this get built to it's original plans. Nothing scrapped or downsized. This is the project in Houston I am most excited about. I dont care if they stop everything else, just please let this one get built right!
  9. wxman, can u explain how Alicia being a smaller storm made it stronger. I think what you were saying is that since it was smaller it was able to sustain a low pressure pretty much from the eye to the outer bands and since Ike was so large it did not have a low a pressure on the outer bands. Also is it true that Hurricane are a necessary evil as they transfer heat from one place to another thus sort of regulating global tempature? Also, what in the hell would make you secretly wish for a Hurricane to strike?
  10. ^^^ I take it that you are not fond of the Galleria and it's ice rink.
  11. Spectacular!!! That is all I have to say. Awesome show!
  12. China's Olympic Stadium or "Birds Nest" and their Aquatic Center are two of the most stunning works of arcitecture I have ever seen.
  13. Niche, you take great pleasure in killing our dreams dont you??
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