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  1. Plano East or Plano West? There are two different sides to the city. Its very segregated. East Plano is mostly minorities (Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Hispanics, & Blacks). West Plano is largely Caucasian.
  2. The whole building isn't outlined with lights, just the shoulders. I agree they do need to at least flood light that whole top feature if they're going to outline the shoulders. Those are probably LED's spaced really close together on a string or difused in plastic tubes made to look like glass neon tubes. I highly doubt they would go back to the old neon. Its not as energy efficient & its a safety hazard with the high voltage transformers used to power the neon. The downside of using LED's is their life expectancy can be cut drastically short if allowed to over heat, over powered, or just not designed properly. Neon actually burns brighter as ambient temperature gets hotter. LED's are the opposite, they in theory like cooler temperatures below 80 degrees & burn much brighter the colder it is. In places where it stays hot all the time LED's are not a wise choice. Texas kinda falls in between that fine line.
  3. I like those cool white lights a whole lot better than the warm white Christmas lights they normally turn on during the holidays. Wish they would turn on the "eagle" that used to outline the top in white neon. There was a time after they turned it off they just lit the small top portion of the roof in white neon. It looked dumb,
  4. Why would Houston have a building do that? Baylor is in Waco. Just sayin. Wells Fargo Plaza will light up in different colors for holidays & special events only. During the rest of the year they'll probably just keep it white like it used to be is what I'm guessing. Wells has always had a band of white neon around the top ever since it was first built, but on two occasions it hasn't been on. Shortly after the collapse of Enron because their building also had a similar band of white neon around the very top & Wells Fargo didn't want to have that kind of bad image. The second time several years later after people finally got over the whole Enron thing they started lighting Wells Fargo Plaza again then Hurricane Rita came & wrecked havoc on the fragile glass neon lighting up there. I'm sure with that insurance money they used part of it to get their new color changing LED setup.
  5. http://www.tylerpaper.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=TP&Date=20101005&Category=NEWS08&ArtNo=101009955&Ref=AR&MaxH=270&MaxW=360 UPDATE: Phase I Of New Heart Hospital Already Started Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics announced this morning that it will build the $18 million Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital. The free-standing, seven-story structure will be located adjacent to and connect via sky bridges to Mother Frances Hospital. During a breakfast at the hospital's Wisenbaker Conference Center, the Owenses were praised for generosity. “This is a legacy gift that will go on for generations,” Lindsey Bradley, TMF chief administrative officer, said. “Our goal is to have a nationally prominent heart hospital,” he continued. Mrs. Owen said that in 2001 she received a quadruple bypass at Mother Frances Hospital and credited the hospital staff with saving her life. She said after she and her husband celebrated their 55th anniversary, they decided to make the donation as their gift to each other. Mr. Owen, a founder of Petrofac, said he was blessed to be successful in business and is now trying to help others. Bradley said the Owen Heart Hospital will be focused not only on treatment, but also prevention and education. The entire family will be incorporated into the health care of the patient, he said. TMF officials also announced that tonight they will launch a capital campaign for additional funding of the facility. Hospital officials said they believe the $18 million gift is the largest private donation ever to a medical facility in this part of Texas. The Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital at Mother Frances will be completed in two phases. Phase One is currently being constructed inside Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler's Ornelas Tower and is scheduled to open this December. Phase Two will begin construction in the spring of 2011 and should take 18 months to complete. The Heart Hospital will be seven stories, include numerous cardiac, thoracic and vascular services and stand east of and adjacent to Mother Frances Hospital. It will connect to the main hospital in several locations, allowing specialists and clinical personnel to easily access both buildings. Architectural plans are still being revised to determine square footage, number of beds and total cost of the project. James Caccitolo, MD, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Trinity Mother Frances, said the new approach to heart care is a major improvement for heart surgery patients and the physicians and medical staff who treat them. "The traditional approach for caring for heart surgery patients requires transporting them multiple times during their hospital stay, meaning a patient might be taken from the Chest Pain Center to the cath lab, to surgery, to recovery, to CICU, to step down and then to a room. All of this can take a lot of time and potentially slow the healing process,” said Dr. Caccitolo. Updated Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 3:16 p.m. CDT http://www.tylerpaper.com/article/20...WS08/101009955
  6. You never know... There are probably more high profile guests floating around on these forums than we realize.
  7. So are Chase Towers new LED lights still lit? What color are they now? Did Wells Fargo ever turn their back on?
  8. I think its pretty obvious Rap music in general promotes violence. Law makers have been trying to ban it altogether since its rise to mainstream popularity in the early 90's. Hip Hop can be clean & fun without all of the violent lyrics. See Devin The Dude.
  9. Why would the radio station fire them for playing a Houston artist? Doesn't make any sense.
  10. I fear I'm the one who got that rumor started. It wasn't until after Ike though that those white pieces started going out.
  11. Sorry Governor, I didn't mean to doubt you. I was actually just down in Houston for the weekend & made it a point to check this out. Sure enough, you were right. Those are color changing LED's on top of Wells Fargo Plaza!
  12. Say what? Wells Fargo has always had a sometimes functioning, sometimes not functioning band of white neon around the very top. Are you sure you weren't seeing the Reliant Energy tower with its color changing LED's in the background? It wasn't till after Hurricane Ike those pieces of white neon started to go out.
  13. My guess is the white neon was damaged from the hurricane last year & never fixed. Fragile glass neon & high winds &/or hail don't go too well together.
  14. Its not lit with fluorescent or neon...its LED's.
  15. Like all of the strip clubs lining I-45 with large search lights pointing to the heavens? I'm sure those abide by city code very well too.
  16. CoCath is an awesome church! I've attended mass there a couple of times in the new one & once in the old one across the street.
  17. Maybe because churches & other religiously affiliated businesses are exempt? How come I don't see an uproar on here over the newly constructed Co-Cathedral Catholic Church in downtown? The cross on top of that thing has got to be at least 200 feet in height & is clearly visible from the Pierce Elevated.
  18. Gotta love this city's lack of zoning laws. If we had zoning, it wouldn't be Houston.
  19. So there you have it folks! St. Joseph's sign is perfectly legit & up to code. Carry on...
  20. If someone hated this country that much to do that to their building they shouldn't even be here in the first place, especially after 9/11...now that's just a little scary. Yes, the lobby might be pushing it just a bit, I think you should go right now to St. Joseph's & walk down the street on city property burning a wooden cross. Go, go, go!!! I'll have my eyes glued to the TV for the 10 o' clock news I promise!
  21. Voltage has nothing to do with the brightness of a light source, its the wattage. LED's typically use only 24 volts vs. 15,000 for neon. Kudo's to St. Joseph's for "going green" on the exterior lighting.
  22. Do you know exactly whats stated in the Harris County sign code law? If so, enlighten us a bit, no pun intended... I've always heard & read its on buildings over a certain height, in which case St. Joseph's might not qualify only being an 18 story building. Houston is allowed to have X-rated billboards on the sides of its freeways, when a cross on a building gets peoples goat? I don't get it.
  23. Some people just need to get over their insecurities about religion in general. Its a free country, get over it already. If you want to burn a flag or a cross as protest you're free to do it, so if a cross on St. Joseph irks you that bad, go burn one in the lobby, just be prepared to show your face be on the 5 o'clock news.
  24. Whats the big deal? I drove by St. Joseph's on I-45 the other night & was immediately drawn to it. Its practically one of the only buildings in downtown that's lit up anymore besides the Continental building. I remember a similar distaste not too long ago from some Dallasites about One Arts Plaza's large square which is lit up the same way using bright white LED's.
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