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  1. Slightly off topic, but I've always wondered with it's proximity to downtown, has UH-D considered building residential units to offer to their students?
  2. Hey Brewster, are you really not a big fan of the architecture in LA? I've been living in LA for about 5 years and I would say there are a bunch of bland buildings, but you don't have to do much searching to see that there are also quite a large number of architectural gems. That includes the many historic buildings all over the city, and all of the new construction that is happening or about to happen. Out of curiosity when was the last time you were here?
  3. I actually used to rehearse in that warehouse. I think the first 3 floors are kind of musician lockouts for band practice, and the top level had people living in it. Very interesting place.
  4. This is kind of off subject, but I was thinking the other day about the parking lots on the east side of downtown near Toyota Center, GRB, and MMP. I presume that many of them are still parking lots because the land value is priced so high that it makes it hard for a developer to come in and build. So I guess my question would be why don't these people who own the parking lots, sell them to developers at a lower price, so something could get built, but they keep part ownership of the property to make up for the lower sell price? They may lose money on the sell, but they'll still be invested in the property. Instead of just trying to sell the property for a big upfront paycheck. I have no expertise in this matter, so I was kind of hoping somebody who does could maybe chime in here. Thanks everyone!!
  5. I was in Houston for the first time in months this past weekend, and I had the chance to drive by the Pavilions and One Park Place. I have to say even from the initial renderings I was excited, but after driving by the construction process on the Pavilions, I am beyond excited. The scope is so much bigger in real life and just seeing those 3 blocks being entirely taken up by this is pretty amazing!!! It looks like this thing is going to be big!!!
  6. I'm glad to see Yao's and Red Cat Jazz Cafe coming into the Pavilions. I think it's important for the bars and restaurants that come in should either be exclusive in the Houston area or should be local concepts. I think the problem with Bayou Place was that the bars were concepts you had seen elsewhere and they soon became old. Thankfully I've heard they've opened a few new bars at BP that are new concepts that seem to be working well. So I hope Pavilions takes note when signing on additional tenants for restaurants and bars.
  7. What a great design. It's sleek, modern, classy, and will hopefully stand out in a good way in that area of downtown. This is like the first building that has a received a unanimous positive response.
  8. At first I was a little apprehensive hearing the news, even though I'm a huge Beatles fan. After seeing that they actually have some artistic style instead of just being real looking statues makes them so much more appealing. I think Houston needs more crazy artists to bring their energy to the city
  9. I've walked around Westwood several times and have driven around the UCLA campus, but I actually walked around the UCLA campus this past weekend. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. The view around Royce Hall and the library is absolutely beautiful. Having attended U of H, I think it's definitely possible especially with this new plan in place, to fill in parking lots with new buildings for class and dorms. I do think it might take a little time though before we ever see the type of activity that there is around Westwood.
  10. This is great news. I love how you have these two sides of midtown really growing with residential. Now if we can just get that Superblock developed to tie this whole area together that would be great.
  11. I can't believe they're opening up a Sprinkles in Houston that is so awesome!! My girlfriend and I go there every so often to satisfy our sweet tooth. Where in Houston are they opening one? I'll have to check it out the next time I visit.
  12. I wouldn't doubt it if something is announced around there sometime over the next year before Pavilions, Park Place, and Discovery Green are finished.
  13. That's funny, every single time I go home to Houston and I parallel park with my friends in the car, they are so impressed. I don't really notice having to do it so often in LA
  14. What I really like about this project is, instead of the building taking up this whole block, they place that little avenue in the middle. I hope if they ever decide to build a structure on that midtown Superblock, they do something similar like maybe having a plaza in the middle so it's not just one huge building.
  15. That would be awesome if they build the new Dynamo stadium on those surface parking lots on the east side of 59. What I really like about that idea, is that you already have all of those lofts and apartments surrounding those parking lots. So once the stadium is built you will have a vibe somewhat like Wrigley Field, where there's a stadium in the middle of an urban neighborhood. Hopefully it could spur some more development near MMP which is an area I feel hasn't come close to it's full potential.
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