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  1. The park off of Allen Parkway near the west side of downtown is great. You can get some great shots of the skyline as well as the bayou. You won’t need to worry about helicopters or aircraft unless you have a serious drone that is flying as high as the tallest skyscrapers. Best place as for me for my DJI spark drone, btw if someone interesting about drone equipment checks out my website - https://www.aeromotus.com/
  2. Turning a container into a home takes a lot of time. I'd like to give you a professional tip as long as I am a builder. In case you have to leave your container outdoors for some time, make sure it's protected from rain and snow, otherwise the metal can get corroded. In my work I often resort to the online shop alcocovers.com, where you can order protective covers of any size and shape, even for a large shipping container. That's just for your information.
  3. The difference is mainly in the term used for a residence in various parts of the world based on in its size, function and historic influence. Based on the style of architecture prevalent in these parts, they have come to be associated houses built in or evolved from those styles globally.You could also broadly divide them into two types - single independent residences on a plot of land and multiple residences on a plot. Bungalow, Villa, Lodge and Cottage are independent residences. Townhouses are houses which abut other houses by shared walls and are generally higher in density. You read more information here - https://marble.com/articles/how-to-measure-countertops-in-3-easy-steps
  4. Hey, Everywhere. Russian women like all kinds of websites and online communities. You’ve just met me here (I won’t date you or anyone else, though). If you want to find russian brides, that you need to use properly websites for it. https://find-bride.com
  5. My favorite building in Houston. I could never not stare at it when I lived there. I especially love the view of the building at night when you're heading northbound on I-610 and you crest the top of the interstate where it crosses over 59. Uptown is all lit up before you and the Williams Tower just stands out beautifully!!! ____________________________ My website: https://flipboard.com/@maxgoodz/top-20-best-hard-candy-review-2019-qeamh3eoy
  6. Look at Generac whole house generators. Take a look at this model : Generac 11k wtt And this one : Generac 20k watt They have perfect solutions,also check information about Kohler,good brand as well. Jon
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