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  1. i used to waterski in the shamrock swimming pool...........behind a small outboard boat...we were hired for conventions..................
  2. Do you have fond memories of music from the Sixties? Do you have memories of the Sixties at all? Want to treat yourself or a loved one to some great Sixties memorabilia? Need to give something wonderful and different for Christmas this year? Here
  3. But then I heard about the other restaurant opening up in their place at the same location. So I'm confused. What's going on? http://www.thelodgeatbayoubend.com/ its gonna be a great restaurant no doubt
  4. derick welling who is listed on the lodge website as the owner is the son of fred welling who owns a great deal of real estate in the area including where the failed orion highrise was located.... they are a great family and i expect that the lodge will be first class in all respects..
  5. what happened to "whine and dine" in the houston barnicle? it seems to have vanished.........
  6. "britian's broiler burger" changed it's name to "bellaire broiler burger" several years ago...it's the same place....
  7. i kinda doubt it the concept is far from new, or exclusive to pei wei...................
  8. i have been to los cucos several times since i live almost next door (memorial park). i have had a wide range of experiences there including great food/service to cold food/poor service and everywhere in between. i think this chain has grown too fast too soon with a lack of management as well as consistancy. i wish it wasn't so... 1.ninfa's on navagation 2. escalanties on woodway or neyerland 3. my wife likes tony's on ella
  9. just had a late lunch and gotta give the new place on shephard 2 thumbs up!
  10. i live on one of those narrow streets with open ditches and have 2 points to make.. 1.we have come to love our narrow street since there is very little drive thru traffic... 2.the open ditches drain better than curbs and gutters do...
  11. Just north of Baker's Ribs on the east side of Voss is a cleared lot with a sign that simply says The Gables..Does anyone have any news on this project?
  12. just drove down westheimer and noticed that it is gone WHY WHY WHY?
  13. cosmo's dan electro's blanco's armadillo palace big easy the pachanga room sambuca's
  14. on shepherd btw washington and I-10 sure lets put up another billboard advertising rolex or insurance.....
  15. this is an awesome gift to the city.. btw addicks also started the infamous "love street light circus" where billy gibbons, snuffy walden, roky erickson, red karolla and many more played...i would like to know what contributions you have made to our city....
  16. "The Boom Boom Room" in San Francisco was owned by the blues great John Lee Hooker named after his song "Boom Boom"
  17. Maybe Mr. Liu can finally have an opportunity to read about how he is affecting other people's lives since he refuses to hear about them or listen to them. DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH... he could care less... it's all about the $$$$$$$ with frank
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