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  1. Houston's is now called Hillstones.... does anybody know what's up?
  2. I have a Hartz Chicken that will be available soon at 6565 Del Monte at S.Voss. Across street from Arturo Boada's. There is a drive-thru and the building is approximately 2400 sq ft with ample parking. Will allow conversion to another restaurant concept.
  3. I have a Hartz Chicken that will be available soon at 6565 Del Monte at S.Voss. There is a drive-thru and the building is approximately 2300 sq ft with ample parking. If interested email Gary at gbrandenberger@yahoo.com. Put restaurant in the subject line please .
  4. Are you talking about the tea party? hmmmmmm
  5. i don't know for sure if it is the geriatric old man showing up or the geriatric spirits from the people that were butchered there.....that would cause someone to maybe buy somewhere else.....there are plenty of other choices that don't have this issue....
  6. http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/special/021611-The-Tex-Files-Icebox-Murders
  7. I don't think I would sleep well there knowing what took place there in 1965. Did you see the video?
  8. An friend of mine is closing on a townhouse that is the location of Houston's famous "icebox murders" in 1965. The house where the murders took place has been replaced with a townhouse. The sellers did not disclose this information to the purchasers. Charles Rogers lived with his parents, butchered them and left their body parts in the refrigerator (icebox) and disappeared. He has never been found. The links below show that he was CIA and maybe connected to the JFK assassination. Also, a newscast showing the new townhouse sitting unsold. My question is, should this information have been disclosed to the buyers? It probably will effect the value of the property. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Rogers_(murder_suspect) http://www.usmessageboard.com/conspiracy-theories/106464-the-john-f-kennedy-assassination-the-three-tramps.html http://www.houstonunsolved.com/index.php?topic=3.0 http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/special/021611-The-Tex-Files-Icebox-Murders
  9. gonna miss the jazz nites there
  10. I thought he was a hoot... and very intelligent....
  11. I noticed he has disappeared from his radio show and removed from the web-site a few days ago. Does anyone know what happened?
  12. Does anyone have any opinions on Urban Living's sales tactics? I thought I was in a timeshare boilerroom when I looked at a couple of their properties. I've bought a lot of properties and never been treated with such a "hard sale" group.
  13. cant wait to try Love Street......I went there when it was off market square in the 60's....i have a poster from there
  14. from the houston press... Dish: Mancuso's Italian Table Comments (0) By Paul Galvani Thursday, Mar 11 2010 Why did Jerry Mancuso open Mancuso's Italian Table (2231 S. Voss, 713-953-9090)? He answers the question with a question: "Don't all Italians have to go into the restaurant business?" The Mancuso family emigrated from Sicily in the 1800s, first landing in New Orleans, then Galveston, then Houston. This is Jerry's first restaurant, although he has been in the construction business for restaurants all his life. His partner in this venture is veteran restaurateur Dody Martel, and the manager is Joe Etor, who has 23 years of experience at restaurants such as The Brownstone, Rainbow Lodge and La Tour d'Argent. "It seems like today, everything is very modern and high-tech, and rather than continue to move things forward, we decided to go back in time 50 years, to the way things used to be," says Mancuso. "We wanted to create a great family-owned, neighborhood Italian restaurant." As for the food, Mancuso says, "We're serving the very best Italian-American dishes, and many of the dishes use our family recipes. We have absolutely the very best veal piccata, and our Ted's Trio pasta, named in honor of Dody's father, which includes lasagna, ravioli and spaghetti and meatballs, has already become our most popular dish." Mancuso adds that his pasta is made from scratch, and the mozzarella is homemade. "We're trying to use only those ingredients that were available to our forefathers from local purveyors." When Dish visited the first weekend Mancuso's opened, the dining room was already crowded and the line at the door never subsided. The Ted's Trio was indeed a terrific sampler platter, with the spaghetti cooked perfectly al dente. It was early evening, but the veal piccata was sold out. The chicken marsala, served on a bed of sautéed spinach, was a perfect substitute. Got the latest info on restaurant openings, closings, special events and gossip? E-mail us at dish@houstonpress.com.
  15. We LOVED the lasagna and pizza.....yum....highly recommended
  16. Has anybody seen this place going up next to Baker's Ribs BBQ?
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