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  1. You know, the thought keeps coming to me. It's not so much that I want to learn how to code so I can make a website though. I just want to know more about the technical side of the internet, and how much more technical can you get besides coding? (Don't answer that ) I'm sure it's just like anything else to a point. It can seem overbearing at first, but once you get into it more it gets easier.
  2. Do you think this is still as important of a selling point as it once was? I mean, I don't think a yard and the exterior of a house is representative to the house itself.
  3. I'm doing some research into what kind of foliage to plant around a 1/4 acre lot and I have some ideas. I have a concrete wall around 3 sides of the property and a chain link fence in the front. I'm thinking about ground cover on the outside of the fence, ground shrubs of some sort, and fruit trees on the inside of the brick walls. Are fruit trees high maintenance though? This is the main thing that has me concerned about going through with the idea. Everything I read about planting them does not follow through with how to maintain them.
  4. All of the above posts in succession like that told a really good tale, you guys know that? The past being torn down and the future being built, all in a well worded and well photographed telling. This is one of the better examples of what makes this place so good to browse through and learn from. So, enough of the glad-handling. It's a damn shame that all the demolition and inconvenience for the past year only yielded a self storage facility. I guess that's progress huh?
  5. As deep as we can be online, right? Speaking of deep, I wish I could come up with a deep answer for mine but I just can't do it. It has no special meaning or underlying reason........kind of like the user it represents I guess. I like big machines and this one is lit up to where it looks like it is making its own sunset in the forefront of a real one. I just thought it looked really cool, so I used it.
  6. They can't work in the rain? What.....are they union? Very impressive stuff I'm seeing here. I was just over in the DFW section of the site(and IRL life too) and sometimes I get the feeling that we are competing with each other to see who can grow the most and the quickest.
  7. Can't a person just look up public land tax records to see who the current owner is? From there go to social media, find them and ask whatever questions you want asked. If the exchange is polite enough and the topic of the question is interesting enough to the owner.......maybe you'll get invited over. I love old homes like this and the history behind them. They need to stay put and possibly be put to modern use......like one poster here said....a museum. That would be great in this case. Thank you for reviving this post Amaterasu.....I didn't know about this house until now.
  8. I don't know exactly what his problem is, but what he wants is pretty disturbing. He obviously favors the rich over the poor, that's a no-brainer based on that article, but he is actually publicizing this bias and wants to make public policy out of it. My opinion is that his is the exact opposite of what growth and freedom is.
  9. In his mind they do. I like the real estate and transportation sections of this site as those topics, while focusing on Houston, can apply to anywhere else. I think it's sad that discussions like this take place. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go find a way to un-follow this topic so I quit getting notifications about it.
  10. Does anyone here in the Houston area actually do this? If so, can you actually make a living this way in this area? It seems like a very "nickel and dime" way to make money.
  11. I think fallout shelters like this are more realistic as a natural disaster shelter. Housing people in something like in the event of a nuclear incident seems like an exercise in futility.
  12. Those 2 sentences.........they don't add up. (Excuse the play on words) They spend 6 million on demolition but save a 3 million dollar piece of art? Why doesn't that sit right with me?
  13. I think it's a crying shame. They could have saved and renovated it if they wanted to. They just didn't want to and didn't have the nerve to be honest about it.
  14. Dart-tex sounds like darted bricks wirh a more marketable moniker. From what I can tell, they are used more for asthetic purposes than anything else.
  15. On this note: http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/31147-can-the-boom-continue/?page=15#comment-543946 What do you guys think is the most realistic option(s) for getting people working again that are not but want to be? Especially those who cannot find work in their fields of expertise?
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