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  1. ManageFlitter rocks at cleaning my Twitter account. Try it with this link and we both get 200 extra unfollows daily! https://t.co/goG3wtgKhn

  2. RT @KeepItGulley: People twitter talking about they wont support Dr Dre anymore. Y'all $700 million dollars too late lmao smh #SurvivingCo…

  3. Unbelievers will still believe in the hype set against you, rather than trusting the facts slapping them in the face!!

  4. Sharing is caring https://t.co/04VRX11rd9

  5. There's some powerful niggatry going on around here https://t.co/1qyWGOpha7

  6. RT @1MinuteBangers: I swear lil wayne just likes to periodically remind us how great he is #HipHopAwards

  7. Please! Re-read my tweets! It's funnier the 2nd time around.

  8. #WhitneyScrewston #Balifornia #HTown #LA #BalanceDaRhythmPhotography https://t.co/QlpVbsnorK

  9. You know its a sad day in the hood when the bully gets bullied.

  10. #OtakuFan https://t.co/vAe8ADthwg

  11. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/5lt8neTpjk Roy Ayers - You Send Me

  12. RT @NFLGameDay: The #Cowboys leap over the #Bears for the win. #CHIvsDAL https://t.co/hOOSfSa8gA

  13. RT @OlBlacAzzBlu: #KeithScott Here's the footage and you can clearly see the cops planting evidence. Wow and its from the wife's cellphone!…

  14. Wow, we totally shouldn't have a currency that encourages gangsters.........so let's get rid of the USD #BitCoin

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