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  1. Noob here - when self-protesting what will make my protest successful? What data/evidence will HCAD want to see? I'm in Sunset Heights which has/continues to appreciate so protesting may be more of a challenge. I want to be prepared as possible without inundating/boring them with data. Thanks!
  2. HAG

    5307 N.Main

    Still shows available on HAR: http://www.har.com/1137-calvacade-st/sale_16747413
  3. HAG

    5307 N.Main

    I'm actually surprised this hasn't been purchased already. Prime location adjacent the high-traffic/spaghetti like intersection of N Main/Studewood/Cavalcade/20th.
  4. Wondering how Alliance Residential will balance the landmark status with building a mega-complex. Anyone know what the historical status actually protects/does not protect?
  5. Alley access resident here - no issues for me or anyone on my block since we bought 5yrs ago. As others have said, just take the necessary precautions and don't leave your door open (you can get timers that auto close it after so many minutes if you're worried about it). Overall it's a nice amenity.
  6. ^ Agreed. Every time I think Heights properties are overpriced though I'm oftentimes surprised and someone ends up paying it. But $580/sq ft is astronomically high for what's effectively a 1/1.
  7. Much better but the architectural design doesn't match the neighborhood at all. Wish they'd update it to more closely resemble the Lola strip center across the street - that would help tie it in in a more timeless fashion.
  8. HAG

    2105 Yale

    What I find more interesting about the flier is the Starbucks logo at Yale/20th where the fmr Quiznos was located. Can anyone confirm that's in the works?
  9. Rumors that HEB is circulating a petition to get legislation on the ballot to repeal certain parts of the Heights dry laws. Below is a legal notice posted 5/5 in the Chron. Any idea what the Houston Heights Beverage Coalition PAC is? Any confirmation HEB is behind this? I didn't think dry laws applied just south of I-10 but I can't recall for sure. The Houston Heights Beverage Coalition Political Action Committee will submit an application to Anna Russell, City Secretary for the City of Houston in compliance with Section 501.023 of the Texas Election Code, in order to circulate petitions to the qualified voters of the area formerly known as the City of Houston Heights as it existed on February 19, 1918, now within the City of Houston, Harris County Texas, so that a local option election can be called on the following issue: For/Against "The legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only." This public notice was paid for by Houston Heights Beverage Coalition Political Action Committee.
  10. Crockpotandgravel - yes, but their press release is new. FOR OFFICAL RELEASE | JANUARY 19, 2015 In Feburary 2015, the Equilibrium Social House will open its doors to the ever popular Heights neighborhood, providing not only great coffee, assorted high-end teas and baked goods and desserts, but also a community and social environment that many will hopefully call their home away from home. The coffee shop concept’s new home will be at 1030 Heights Blvd, formerly the residence of Waldo’s & Boulevard Coffee. Located directly on Heights Blvd, EQ Height’s mission is to become a daily necessity, offering “Quality Product, Customer Service, Interactive environment and an exceptional coffee experience” to its customers. Those that frequented the previous Heights coffee spot will be surprised by an assortment of inviting building updates and “social friendly” additions including a completely new counter & serving area, new furniture, some of which was hand-crafted by local Heights area artisans, and the option for private meeting rooms. And of course there’s the huge outdoor patio that is unique to any other coffee shop in the area. You and your dog(s) will be more than happy to spend countless mornings sipping on EQ’s amazing Americanos or Mocha Lattes. Gary Drabek, who is a former principle of Waldo Café and Boulevard Coffee and current owner of the property, is happy to see the building continue to be used as a local café and coffee spot where the neighborhood can continue to “hang out” and relax. Kevin Blasini, the owner of EQ Social House, brings over 25 years of experience in customer service and legal expertise, which he is using to develop the idea of EQ. His love for coffee, community, and learning is what drives him towards the goal of providing the neighborhood the right blend of refreshment, nourishment, community and inspiration. EQ Social House values the importance of independence versus chain ownership and this allows EQ to customize a unique blend of products, balancing local sourcing and preparation with benefits of global reach. Official opening date is yet to be announced. Updates on the Social House’s progress can be found on Facebook and Instagram, and the new website at www.eqheights.com will launch soon. Facebook: /eqheights Twitter: @eqheights Instragram: @eqheights Media and press, please contact Neue Creative at 832.868.6636 or info@neuecreative.com.
  11. Yes, apparently it will be a coffee shop / meeting space. http://www.eqheights.com/ https://twitter.com/eqheights https://www.facebook.com/pages/EQ-Heights/1375494509425584
  12. HAG

    5307 N.Main

    Thanks mkultra25, I knew about DaVita but I was referring to the old Blockbuster across from DaVita. It has sat vacant since Blockbuster moved out.
  13. HAG

    5307 N.Main

    Depending on the tenant this could be a huge boon to business growth on N Main. Just 1 neighbor's opinion but I'd also strongly prefer a multi-tenant strip over the fast food option. Yale/19th and Yale/I10 already offer a lot of generic fast food options. Along with that, any updates on who's moving in across the street to the old Blockbuster?
  14. So when you say it "is done", you mean closed for good? Or just until they fix issues (ie- utilities, service, food quality, etc)?
  15. Lots of workers last week working on the fmr Eckerds on 20th across from Blockbuster. Any word on what's going on/who's moving in? Last I checked CVS still owns the property.
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