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  1. Also Mr. Welu still had all his trophies and rings upstairs when I left.Seemed rather odd.
  2. I never met Mr.Welu that I can recall.I worked part time thier after Mr. Stewart bought the place.I worked nights,and weekends. the front desk mostly,setup for league play,and whatever needed to be done. think this was '67-68.
  3. Well in the late 60's the lanes I worked at would run 19 cent specials.Reg. 30 cents.
  4. My mom worked at Suzanne's for many years.The Warner's owned it when she started in the mid 50"s.Later the Kriticos family bought it and ran it for many years.They were super people to work for and very kind to all.The Alabama theater Sat. matinee was always a blast.
  5. Use to be an old alley off W.Grey & S.Shepherd.The Paladium.Had like 32 lanes.1960's for me.No video games just pinball.
  6. When I worked at Kmart (59 & Beechnut) in the early 70's I used see Doug at the store sometimes.He wasn't hard to miss. That voice and being so tall I would notice him walking down the aisle. I waited on him a couple of times. A great TV personality.RIP
  7. Glad you mentioned that bowling alley.I worked for the guy who owned that alley but at his other alley off of S. Shepherd.He wanted to turn the one off Shepherd into a Country western dance club but they wouldn't let him in that area so close to River Oaks.So he remodeled the one on the eastside. That was about 1967 I think.I saw quite afew CW stars pass thru their.
  8. Back in the late 60's I worked for a very old bowling alley on McDuffie St. and W.Grey.It was called Paladium Lanes.It was quite the alley in its day.Built in the 30's I think.Originally had "duck pins". It was once owned by PBA man Billy Welu.The building was later remodeled into an office complex.
  9. I was 15 yrs old and living on Driscoll down toward Westheimer at the time. Recalled seeing it on TV that evening. Rode my bike down to the house to have a look.I. noticed later the house was always vacant. And then it was gone oneday.I stopped one time when I saw a neighbor outside (to the right) and ask him about the property.He had just bought it for taxes.I see it recently sold a few years ago for over $500,000.
  10. A friend who was a regular visitor to the ice skating rink sent me these for your review.
  11. I shopped at an Oshman's in Northline Mall which was at I-45 and Crosstimbers.And in Pasadena.Loved stopping at the Orange Julius.
  12. Back in the 50's and early 60's thier was a family owned grocery thier. I used to pass it walking home.They lived upstairs I think.As I recall the man was pretty old at the time. I don't recall the name of the store.I would like to find out.
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