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  1. More money in light rail and less money on rapid bus.
  2. Jesus this is hideous. They couldn't have came up with any other different schemes?
  3. As someone who works for United and works outdoors, if you guys want photos of anything specifically just let me know. I'd be sure to take photos or answer any questions you may have.
  4. they were looking at a downtown location. Houston will also be getting a W in the near future.
  5. will have more details on the ritz soon. Also have exciting about a new hotel thats in the works for downtown
  6. They are planning to have condos on top of the hotel portion
  7. Could I get a mod to PM me so I can edit some posts here and hide some information on who the person may be so I could post more details.
  8. I will sneak in as much information as I possibly can today.
  9. Hines has built these units to convert them into condos in the near future is what I have heard.
  10. Confirmed yesterday it will not be in the Museum district or neartown
  11. I will get floor count details today, my source 100% certain we will have one in the next 18 months. Its coming tho baby!!!
  12. Im not sure where to put this thread at, but a very credible source confirmed to me that they are in the process of bringing one to Houston, in the next 18 months. Anyone have any clue where this could be ? This is a very reliable source who I have known for years and has worked on numerous high rise projects such as the W in Austin.
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