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  1. I was playing around with the SkyHouse Houston webcam, going back and forth at the archived snapshots taken during construction and I noticed in the background that the Days Inn Hotel is now virtually empty from any interior walls. I attached a snapshot taken today at 5:26 pm: If you go back starting from around January 14 around the same time (on sunny days) you can start noticing this, since the Savoy Hotel is blocking the view to the lower levels. Has the activity at the site and the carrying out of debris been unnoticeable all this time? So is this building going down soon? With explosives? I sure hope so, that would be one quick improvement to southern downtown. Edit: Correction, I knew this was going on (as well as some of you did too) due to earlier posts but I figured since no one was adding any updates, that meant the gutting of the building had stopped.
  2. So long as they can pre-lease half of the total square footage (whatever is it), this building will go up. It would be great if they can pre-lease all of it, but half will do. That goes for Five Allen Center as well.
  3. I believe you're referring to this article, correct? All things considered, it's not bad enough to keep this one from finding a tenant and going up. It will be a while though, like 3 years, for this one to be completed if they start now; that's one downside.
  4. Seems like quite a distance away from Wells Fargo Plaza. The ideal location should of been one block behind One Shell Plaza, where the surface parking lot is at.
  5. It's the norm with high-rise and super-tall buildings. Looks like this one is just outside the building's outline, but within the foundation's perimeter. At least it looks like it to me. We'll know for sure as the building goes up, or by tomorrow since the initial foundation work should already be completed.
  6. It doesn't seem to me that Hilcorp would need to borrow money to build their tower.
  7. Things have been quiet, but I'm sure things are moving behind the scenes. I mean the brochure for this building was released so the intent to build it is there. Also, don't forget that this building does not have to be 100% pre-leased before it is constructed. Typically, you only need about 50% to move forward; that's the threshold. You also need a good sales team to lure in a tenant or two to move in, and I just heard that Occidental Petroleum is splitting and moving its headquarters to Houston! Just out of nowhere, this happens! This is a great corporation and opportunity to lure them into downtown. Right now, they have their offices at Greenway Plaza, and they may decide to stay there, which is fine. But still, the company may be evaluating their HQ location in Houston as they plan to split and relocate from California, you never know.
  8. Awesome! Just wondering though, has there been an official announcement or press release made concerning this tower going up? I know the secret is out but not sure if it went out on purpose.
  9. Should this different and unknown development project have it's own thread? High-rise office and condo makes me think it's either downtown or uptown.
  10. We just have too many freaking people in this city. Anyways, all the freeways need to be widen like the Katy Freeway, because most people use them, and this city is too spread out. You need a car to get you everywhere the most convenient way, and more likely than not the quickest way too. Rail could perhaps service some business centers, like downtown and the Medical Center (which are big), but places like the Energy Corridor are too spread out. So you get there by train, for example, and then I suppose you can rent a bike (if possible) or walk (if you're fit and have time to kill) or get on a bus or take a taxi to get to your exact destination. We have a problem, it will get worse, and no easy solution, or any solution at all. I think that's why people like places like Austin, not that many people in it like Houston. Just my opinion.
  11. It's become a lone modern art masterpiece.
  12. It's really hard not to notice the power lines, they are all over the place! They sure ruin a great picture too. The only thing I can think of is when I was in Calgary, I don't remember seeing any power lines anywhere. Turns out they have theirs underground. I'm thinking it has something to do with their extreme winters. Anyways, I loved it, so that's the way to go.
  13. Official or not, this is one ugly hotel, but from what I read on here it will be a cheap (perhaps even the cheapest) hotel option in downtown. I like that type of honesty so alright. But I wish they imploded it along with the building on the right (Days Inn).
  14. Did someone answer this? Sorry if it was, so will it be torn down completely?
  15. Can anyone tell me what new tenants are mentioned in the article? Thank you! New tenants in store for Two Shell Plaza?
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