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  1. So will this office building be connected to the tunnel system via a tunnel or skywalk?
  2. That, and having WTI at around $100 for like 10 years, is our best chance for a supertall.
  3. Website has been updated: https://www.onemarketsquarehouston.com/
  4. I think he's asking if the Bisnow story is really referring to the Chronicle site. The story doesn't mention who is the developer or where in downtown.
  5. One thing I suggest is to have all these wide freeways (especially along very populated areas) be lowered like 288 and I-10 going west (within the loop,) so they collect most of the flood water.
  6. https://www.downtownhouston.org/development/project/planned-residential-3/ Estimated construction start 1Q 2018
  7. Agree, same as what Skanska did with Capitol Tower, they're doing here. They will surely post up images of the tower to be built for phase two, to help advertise the site for future development. Again, as they did for Capitol Tower, and for Six Houston Center for that matter. https://tsdrsec.uspto.gov/ts/cd/casedoc/sn86546914/ROA20150624172745/2/webcontent?scale=1 I counted 11 stories, so that means it will be 41 stories? Sure hope it's taller, as in, 50 floors tall like it was originally.
  8. http://realtynewsreport.com/2017/02/01/john-goff-six-houston-center-skyscraper-still-planned-but-groundbreaking-not-expected-soon/
  9. http://realtynewsreport.com/2017/02/01/john-goff-six-houston-center-skyscraper-still-planned-but-groundbreaking-not-expected-soon/
  10. http://realtynewsreport.com/2017/01/06/realty-news-reports-legends-of-real-estate-awards-texan-of-the-year-john-goff-crescent-real-estate/
  11. The garage was partially built, it will end up being 11 stories once the tower goes up.
  12. Six Houston Center appears again.
  13. I've looked at pictures of highrise buildings that have been bombed by missiles during the two Iraq Wars and Bosnian War, they all survive. There are all left standing, even with structural and fire damage.
  14. It looks real nice, in the dark and with the lights turned off.
  15. http://realtynewsreport.com/2015/10/10/texas-leasing-magnate-the-q-a-with-chip-colvill/
  16. It's a different site from the HOK design.
  17. When you look at the last two presidents, any politician will be crazy not to run for the office. I mean Jeff Bush is running (officially or not), and Hillary too, so why not him? He's a warmonger, he's loved by the neo-cons, so he has a promising chance. Who cares if he's no good, he can raise money. Plus you lie your way to a victory, like Harry Reid lied about Romney to help Obama win in the last election. So long as you win, that's all that matters in the end, who cares how you do it. You can even admit you lied and get away with it, so anything is possible.
  18. They should do these drills and exercises, we're the world's policemen and are proud of that. But they have to tell the public about these exercises when doing them outside military bases (which they admit is not the norm). Accidents do happen, so it's better to be cautious about it. I don't care what they do in military bases, like you said, it's not the public's business and that's what the bases are for; to train and play war games. However in this case, the public now knows as they should, so can the public take pictures and load them up on facebook or twitter? How about taking video showing our special op soldiers conducting their actions in the cover of night? I would say they can, so what really is the purpose of doing these exercises if they are legitimately being done to prepare our soldiers to fight America's enemies? Since we will expect this and can see what's going on, anyone can document this crap and post it on the internet. And I sure as hell don't want to hear anyone blame the people if they do just that. I'm hoping many people do, so they never attempt this bullshit psyop on us again!
  19. I would say this whole exercise or drill outside a military base is completely insane, and unnecessary. Best case, this is about conditioning people to see troops out in public. I for one don't want to see troops, Apache helicopters, military/armored vehicles or anything military related out in public. This is not Iraq nor is this country a war zone. Another scenario, this government is gearing itself for a large-scale war with who knows, Iran, Russia, the list of potential foes is long. Another case, this is to practice imposing martial law (which only a military can do) due to another "9/11" attack coming (probably staged once again) or a great economic downturn that could result in large scale looting and rioting like in Baltimore (and expect a stand-down if that occurs, again like in Baltimore). Drills also serve as a way to cover up an attempt to pull a dirty stunt on the American citizenry (example, a drill was taking place when the Boston Bombings happened). I'm glad more people are learning about this so if something bad happens, you'll know who to blame.
  20. WTC 7 is the biggest smoking gun and to believe the false narrative that ordinary office fires resulted in a total, virtual free fall collapse (like we saw with the Houston Club building) of a steel frame building is the biggest joke of them all. I'll repeat it again, the 1993 WTC attacks were planned and carried out with the help of the FBI!!! The defense of the patsy terrorists were denied the evidence of the FBI's involvement!!! And the FBI scum had the nerve to express remorse not because they killed 6 people, but because it was very few people!!!! And they expressed the same sentiment after 9/11!!! FBI officials were saying we need another 9/11!!! Look at the video below to see what I mean. This is the mindset of some in the FBI and in other agencies, they understand that without a 9/11 or "Pearl Harbor" style attack were many people get killed, the things that they want will never get accomplished. Because of this false flag, things like the unconstitutional Patriot Act got passed to fight terrorism. Now it's used against the citizenry which was the intent all along! They spy on everyone, they go beyond collecting metadata, they know everything about everyone, they can blackmail people if they wish, but I'm suppose to believe that it's all for our security. Ha ha ha! We are less safe, we are less free, we're bankrupt, war is breaking out everywhere (as the military-industrial complex wanted) and terrorists are killing people all over. Speaking of being bankrupt, the Federal Reserve won't even raise interest rates, and they won't even hint as to when they will. Could it be that they never will and instead will impose negative interest rates? Anyways, expect more deadlier attacks like a dirty bomb going off, I mean there's already drills practicing that scenario. And when it happens, I predict another stand-down because like in 1993, you can't force intel agents to do the right thing and save lives! Ha ha ha, this is just too damn funny! We already have terrorists in the country (yup, we know who they are but won't do anything to stop them), we have nukes going missing, and the northern & southern borders are wide open. The war on terrorism is like the war on poverty (government policies reward poverty with the welfare state and punish productivity with taxes), or the war on drugs (government bring drugs into the country from places like Afghanistan, they profit from it, and lock people up for a long time just for using them). It's a war where both sides are managed by the feds, and is a weapon used against us; enough already!
  21. Bush is a warmongering, unconstitutional murderer, but so is Obama. Just today he announced that a drone strike killed an American and another hostage by accident. It was an honest mistake and he was unaware of the strike. How convenient for this proven liar and the rest of the liars in government to say they knew nothing, they remember nothing, they never thought it could happen, blah blah blah. And it doesn't matter to the dumb American people sadly, because they believe that 9/11 changed everything. It's all in the name of homeland security. Like I keep saying, they keep getting away with it even when caught murdering Americans. This country is so screwed up.
  22. On a slightly different topic, did anyone see 6 military helicopters fly over the Katy freeway, heading east towards downtown at around 1:50 pm? They looked like Apache helicopters to me.
  23. I agree in that 9/11 would be difficult to cover-up by our government if they did it, even though we do have whistleblowers in all areas of our government pointing out a cover-up. So my thought is this, if this was planned out, would it be impossible for anyone to believe that the job was instead given to an ally to do? Saudi Arabia perhaps? How about Israel? I mean both Saudi and Israeli citizens were detained before, during and after 9/11, and with good reason too. But the higher-ups stopped that ball from rolling, like they needed to. And conveniently, a passport of one of the 9/11 hijackers was found INTACT to solve the case in record time, like they did for the 93 WTC attack. Ha ha ha! Anyways, my point is that you don't let your people do it, but let someone else do it. That way, you can say with some assurance that you didn't do it, and you cover-up leads that point to your allies that did. Simple enough to do, and who in Israel or Saudi Arabia would blow the whistle on their own country, only to have it be blown away by the US in response!? No one would, so you keep your mouth shut.
  24. WTC 7 came down in free-fall unto itself. No way office fires alone would do that. It was a pretty damn good demolition job, and you can even see explosions work their way up the face of the building before it fell. Yup, it was blown up! The Hurricane Katrina aftermath was a disaster like the whole 9/11 event was, and a stand-down happened on both events. So you know what, forget the drills!!! Like I mentioned before, the original plan was to supply the patsy terrorists with fake explosives. But at the last minute, they decided to provide them with the real thing. That was not a mistake, nor incompetence by the FBI, that was a deliberate decision they made! They knew that the terrorists wanted to blow up the WTC and kill Americans, and the FBI saw this as the perfect opportunity to let it happen to further political agendas. The FBI informant even protested the decision and told the FBI not to blame him if the attack was carried out! So yes, the FBI was involved from the start, and even told the terrorists where to park at the WTC!!! Fact is the 93 WTC attack was a lie, and so was 9/11! Now who needs terrorists when you have criminals like the FBI on your side?
  25. I can see your points, but a plane did not hit WTC 7 and it came down just like the Houston Club building came down last year, like a perfect demolition job, in free-fall! WTC 7 was a steel framed structure building, it had no trusses, there was no jet fuel, damage to the building was minimal and the fires were typical office fires. Sorry but it was a false flag. And by the way, like I mentioned before in another thread, the 1993 WTC attack was done with the knowledge and direction of the FBI!!! That is a fact!!! And you're telling me that the scum in that agency and the others like the CIA didn't know about these patsy terrorists!? They not only knew, they provided visas to the hijackers so they could come in, 15 from Saudi Arabia. Not the first time that has happened, prior to that we gave visas to many terrorists to come to America to train to fight the Soviets in the 80s. And remember the August 6th memo? Hell, even the Pentagon had a drill prior to September 11 to "practice" the response to a plane crashing into it! And does anyone remember the truck stopped near the Washington bridge filled with explosives? Does anyone find it wrong that Bush and Cheney didn't testify individually under oath with the 9/11 Commission? What a joke. I can go on and on, and I sure hate hearing about 9/11, it's total bullshit. Until these criminals in government get punished, don't expect to have any security.
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