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  1. It seems construction has started, they're currently digging and there is a large mobile crane on site
  2. I flew on the Emirates A380 2 months ago business class, it was great, too bad it was cancelled.
  3. Ya but i don't wanna pay 19 bucks just to watch a movie. I'm talking about a regular theater like amc or edwards
  4. I think a movie theater would be great, something similar to Edwards Greenway, that will increase traffic a lot. Maybe a main event to
  5. There were a few Bentleys and Rolls Royces, so I would say its for the super rich
  6. HEB has opened today and it was very crowded it was hard to find a parking spot. The interior was really good compared to other locations I would say it might be as good as the new whole foods will see how this location affects their sales. It also has a restaurant called table 57 which I will be trying soon, here are some pictures I took:
  7. When the heb on fountain view opens it will hurt them even more, it looks really nice, can't wait till it opens
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