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  1. When I was growing up just about every neighborhood had a superette. They were small mom and pop grocery stores.
  2. Yes, I have visited Hanks Truck Pictures more than a few times. I am also a member of the American Truck Historical Society (ATHS)
  3. From as early as I can remember I have always had this fascination with 18 wheelers. I guess I should have been a truck driver as much as I loved the big trucks. In the 1950's my dad loved fast cars and built hot rods. I guess that is where I developed my love of cars and trucks. So over the years I have had a few older cars that I have restored as a hobby. About seven years ago I got to thinking that I could restore a 18 wheeler just as I had cars. I bought one and stated restoring it. It was a 1967 NT-950-D Ford diesel highway tractor A few years later I decided to do another one. This one w
  4. All in one sitting? I would need a designated driver to do that.
  5. I too would be interested in finding the answer to that question. I'm a San Jacinto alumni. I did a little research and found one military aircraft from Ellington that crashed July 30, 1942 in Houston. It does not say where in Houston but if it was on the base it would say Ellington. Some times they will give a better location like 5 miles northwest of the field or something of that nature. I have only got through the month of Jan. for 1942. Do you remember what time of the year the crash occurred? Summer? Close to Christmas? San Jacinto High is about 16 miles northwest of Ellington as the cro
  6. At the time we lived in the 1400 block of Lincoln street just a few blocks from the explosion. In 1953 Lincoln ran from Allan Parkway (Buffalo drive) to Westheimer. In later years a curve in Montrose just north of Westheimer connected to Lincoln street and the name was changed to Montrose. I was only eight years old but I can well remember the explosion, it rattled our windows and shook our house pretty good.
  7. No Subdude, Best Products would be at the end left end of Kingspoint street. Kingsport is the street in foreground. It is just out of the picture. Here is another aerial of the Almeda Mall area to give you a little more perspective. This picture is a lot earlier, probably in the early seventies. Note where it says SITE that the only thing there is a drive through bank. Nothing had been developed on the other side of Kingsport yet.
  8. The narrow underpass is no longer there. When the bypass was built it was done away with. Now we have a overpass that crosses the railroad tracks at the same location. If you take the old road through town, you still have the dog leg where third street intersects with Highway 95. I don't guess that will ever change. We still only have two traffic lights in town.
  9. I live in Smithville and have seen some bad wrecks at that under pass. When the bypass was built around Smithville the under pass was done away with and is now a four lane overpass.
  10. Thanks for the link, I found it very interesting and informative. There used to be so many really nice old stations in Houston when I was growing up and on into the 70's, then in the 80's they all seemed to disappear and were replaced with the convenience store type stations that we see now.
  11. Thanks for the link for the aerial pictures of Houston. I was able to find several locations and clearly see the buildings of auto dealerships located in the downtown area in the forties and fifties. Earl McMillian Ford on Louisiana, Dow Chevrolet on Milam, Lester Goodson Pontiac on San Jacinto, Two locations for Davis Motor Company, one on San Jacinto and the other on Fannin, Abbot Stansell Dodge and Plymouth on San Jacinto. As I have the time I think I will be able to locate more. The pictures are a real treasure trove.
  12. Tanks Tori for posting the pictures of the service stations. I am fascinated with old service stations and their locations. A special thanks to Ghost for the history of the buildings.
  13. I don't know why, but old service stations seem to fascinate me for some reason. I love finding pictures of old stations and then trying to locate where they used to be. It is a next to impossible task unless something in the back ground gives you a clue. It is always great to find a picture with a location, then look at current Google maps to see what the lot looks like today. So please, if anyone has pictures of old stations in Houston please feel free to post them and location if known.
  14. The lady on the right does not look happy about wearing the hat.
  15. One of the problems of owning a pick up. Everyone is your friend when they need to move. At least it is not as bad now days as it was when I was younger.
  16. It don't seem like it has been that long since I lived there. Time sure does march on quickly now days. I think it must be an age thing, it seems like it took me longer to get from four years old to twenty one than it did from twenty one to now. Those were some great day and filled with good memories. I often wish I could go back to that simpler time. You can never miss anything that you have never had. We had only one phone in the house and it was in the hall. We had a couple of room air conditioners for A/C and we were lucky to have that. I remember once my mom threw out about a half can o
  17. I had just about forgot about this thread. I thought I would add another one of my cruisers of the past. I had the 56 F-100 for nineteen years before I got weak and sold it. I had bought it in 93 when I was living in Colorado from a farmer. It had a front frame from a 76 LTD II rear end from a Lincoln giving it four wheel disk brakes, the engine was a 71 Boss 351 Cleveland backed by a Ford C-6 transmission. It was fast and lots of fun.
  18. One of the Hooper twins died last year.
  19. In 1957 my mom and dad left the West end area and moved to the Montrose area at 1525 Sul Ross. The next year I started junior high at Lanier. I have very fond memories of that neighborhood and it was a great place to be raised. The house we lived in is not there anymore nor is any other house on that block. They have all be torn down for a large building that now occupies the entire block surrounded by Sul Ross, Mandell, Mulberry and Branard streets. The building is the Menil Collection art studio. I hate it that our old house is no longer there but the Menil Collection is very worthy of repla
  20. You can add Weiner's to the bottom of the pecking order, it was a notch or two below Wards and Sears.
  21. When they were new they were billed as the twin malls.
  22. I remember the Carrousel well. I had been to the club there a couple of times back in the day.
  23. Britt's was a department store. There used to be one at Northline Mall. If I remember correctly they had a little better quality merchandise than did your average department store.
  24. The Hooper twins were good friends of ours and we used to follow then to different places that would play, groupies if you will. Not really sure where this picture was made, it may have been at Magnolia Gardens but it had to be late 60's or early 70's. The two men with gray hair and the brown hats on are Bud and Bud. One at far left of picture and other on the right above the woman's head.
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