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  1. When you say singles bars, are you talking about the pressure cooker clubs? If so Houston had a few of them. The Cedar lounge was the most popular located on Airline drive just down the street from Dance Town USA. Mostly frequented by men that worked evenings they would show up there around noon time. The women that showed up there were mostly house wives and probably a few single women looking for a man. I was once there with a friend looking for her boyfriend and the place was very dark. You had to be in the place a few minutes to get your eyes adjusted before you could see. they had a juke box or a band and the dancing was fun but all the men were intent on going home with someone before about three in the afternoon. Just for the record, my friends boy friend never showed up. Had he walked through the door we would have seen him at once but he could have never seen us. So their relationship was saved for another day. There were a couple of more in town but I did not know the name of them.
  2. I found this shot of downtown in my archives from 1950 it is not Ford related buy was taken that same time as the one of Earl McMillian Ford's old downtown location. It sat directly behind the Earl McMillian dealership. It is the Ineeda laundry, it sat on Smith Street and bordered by Rusk and Walker streets on either side. You can see old Jeff Davis hospital in the background as well as the Houston Coliseum. I can't remember for sure where all the smoke was coming from. In the back of my mind I am thinking it was possibly Ed Sacs paper company.
  3. I scrolled through hundreds of pictures but was unable to find it. I did however find many other things of interest.
  4. Please do post the picture of the pre renovation period you have. Having been raised in Houston I love Houston history of the fifties, sixties and seventies. Here is another photo of Ivy Russell Ford at 2120 Main.
  5. The Earl McMillian store at 7115 old Katy Road. Earl McMillian at 8920 Jensen Dr.
  6. Yes, another old Ford dealership, I had forgotten about it. Osborne Apple later became A. C. Collins Ford. They have since moved from the old location to Beltway 8.
  7. I have that very same picture. Do you know the location? That is the old Weingartens store at Yale and Eleventh St. in the Heights. The location later became a Top Value stamps redemption center. I have no clue what it became after the redemption center moved out. According to Google maps it is now a Lola eatery.
  8. Meyer speedway was not located behind Playland Park. That would be Playland Speedway. Meyer speedway was located futher out South Main at Hilcroft. Playland was located just north of Murworth on South Main St.
  9. Yes, it was on the south west corner of Louisiana and Rusk. This picture taken from atop of a near by building and you can see the dealership. That will be Louisiana running in front of the Orleans hotel and Rusk running beside the dealership. You can see the downtown Houston public library in the back ground. The picture was made Aug. 29 1950
  10. If anyone has a picture of the Jack Roach dealership on the corner of Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet please post it. I have looked hard and fast on the internet for one and can't seen to find any. This is the location as it looks today with a Walgreens.
  11. Acamarillo, Jack Roach never took over Raymond Pearson, I think you are confusing the Jack Roach store at Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet. The two buildings looked a lot alike. When I first saw the picture I thought it was the Jack Roach store too.The Pearson dealership was located at Leeland and Austin streets near downtown. I am adding a picture of the back side of the Pearson dealership. Pease street is directly behind the building and Austin street to the side of it. Another picture of the front taken from Austin and Leeland. A third picture as it looks today from Austin and Leeland. One more of the dealership as it looked in 1957.
  12. The Ford plant at 3906 Harrisburg was not only a parts plant but they also built cars there as well. It was one of two Ford assembly plants in the state of Texas at the time. I am not sure when it closed down, either in the thirties or forties. I have the same picture in my archives as in the link.
  13. I was raised in the fifties in Houston and remember a lot of the old Ford dealerships. My dad worked for Ford Motor Company and called on all of them and others around the state of Texas. I was always fascinated with Jack Roach because they was probably the oldest one in the city of Houston. I am not sure where the original dealership was located. The earliest one I can remember was on Broadway street. I know that they later moved down the street to another location still located on Broadway. Later they moved to a new location on the corner of Bissonnet and Buffalo Speedway about 1953 give or take a year. I also know at one time they had a location on Westheimer and Yoakum on the east end of the Tower Theatre complex. If any one has pictures of any of the dealerships, please post them. Earl McMillian was another old Ford dealership that was located down town on the corner of Louisiana and Rusk, they later moved out to Katy Road and eventually changed the name to Don McMillian. Others I remember are Raymond Pearson, Tommy Vaughn, and Ivy Russell. Earl McMillian's downtown store, the cars shown are on Louisiana street. The other is Jack Roach Ford on the corner of Westheimer and Yoakum next to the Tower theatre.
  14. Jack Roach Ford is the oldest Ford dealer ship in Houston. The started in either 1921 or 1923. My dad bought a new Ford from Tommy Vaughn in 1957. The dealer ship was then located on North Main, so I know it had to be after 1957 when they moved to Shepherd.
  15. I remember a Holts sporting goods in down town Houston. Not sure but Oshman's may have swallowed them up when they came to town. To this day I still have a pair of binocular's with the Holt's sporting goods logo on them. I got them for Christmas some time about the mid fifties.
  16. Who remembers KILT's frequency when it was still an AM station?
  17. When I was a kid in grade school we lived on Heights Blvd. At that time Heights Blvd was still a brick street. I am not sure but it may have still had the trolley tracks on it.
  18. I remember the old locally family owned McDonalds on the corner of Main and Gray street across the street from the bus station. It was a drive in. It kept the McDonalds chain out of Houston for many years. The McDonalds chain finally bought their name and the property at Main and Gray and built the first Chain McDonalds in the city of Houston.
  19. It was a lot safer before the rails came. When the rails were first open that was a rash of cars hit by the trains. It was almost epidemic for the first few months.
  20. The old Weingarden stores located at Washington Ave. and Shepherd and at 11th and Yale in the Heights are still standing. Yale and 11th. Shepherd and Washington Ave.
  21. I was in that building many times when it was the Stampeed Ball Room. I met my husband there.
  22. You guys bring back a flood of memories. I was stationed at Ellington in the late 60's and used to frequent the Breezway at Fuqua and Gulf Fwy. I also remember well the Dyer Home for Children, thats what the sign said at the time. Someone memtioned the Genoa post office. It was originally on Old Galveston Road and was later relocated to Almeda Genoa Road closer to the Gulf Frwy. It was only about a block from the Almeda Skate Ranch. Another of my favorite watering holes was the American Legion post across the street from Ellington. Remember the F-84 that was in front of the VFW post? When I first moved to the area, it was pretty desolate after you got past Almeda Genoa road on the Gulf Fwy. heres an aerial of the old Breezway.
  23. I too used to go to Playland park. We also went to the stock car races in the back. My dad and I was there that fateful night in 1959 when a car crashed through the fence during the time trials killing three people outside the entrance near the concession stand, We were only about a minute from being at that very spot. As a couple of you mentioned the fortune teller. She was creepy as all get out and I avoided her like the plague.
  24. This is Foley's when it started out in Houston. Check out the horseless carriage sitting in front, look at the small gas tank on the back. The photo is from 1906.
  25. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Welch in 1968. I was attending an event at a hotel across the street from the Astrodome and was introduced to him by a friend.
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