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  1. It seemed like Chase was being really careful to make the show appear to be filmed in Houston. They have a lot of aerial downtown shots, they always venture out to nearby neighborhoods/towns (e.g., The Woodlands, Galveston, Sealy, River Oaks, etc.). However, last night's show clearly showed a downtown Dallas skyscraper in the background of the image. I was a little surprised to see this obvious Dallas evidence in the show that tries so hard to be set in Houston. Oh well, as I said a while back, I'd rather have a show filmed in Dallas and set in Houston than have a show filmed in Houston but set in Dallas. It's like the producers are saying that Dallas isn't cool enough for the setting of the show, they have to pretend to be the cooler city to the south to make a compelling show. A slap in the face to Dallas if you ask me.
  2. I guess the moral to my post is, be careful what you wish for. Even if LSU has had success "in spite" of the head coach, he's still fielding a consistently good team. Don't assume that if he's fired, that you'll automatically get an upgrade. See Dennis Franchione.
  3. As an Aggie, I have little sympathy for LSU fans who constantly complain about their coach who consistently fields Top 25 teams and has won a national championship. He's obviously doing something right. Meanwhile, the Aggies just can't turn the corner. And you think your coaching situation is so terrible?
  4. That's fine, like I said earlier, I liked Chase better than Lone Star anyhow. Plus it's much more Houston-centric than Lone Star was. Dallas is the biggest loser here, all the shots of their fair city (once again, portrayed as Houston) are now gone. Chase hasn't yet attempted to pass off any Dallas-specific shots as Houston.
  5. I do find it humorous that Dallas finally gets two high profile shows to tape in their city, but the producers decide the shows would be better if set in Houston. They went out of their way to portray Dallas as Houston. I would be ticked off if it were the other way around.
  6. Well I watched both of these premieres on Monday night. Lone Star was ok, a little weak in parts if you ask me. It does have potential though. The annoying part of this show is that while it's partly set in Houston they don't attempt to portray Houston. It's obvious they're in Dallas, but they refer to it as Houston. Chase on the other hand was really good. You can see the Jerry Bruckheimer influence all over this show. It's a pretty high budget affair along the lines of CSI. The premise is set around a group of US Marshalls who office out of downtown Houston, they hunt down a different fugitive in each show. We get the customary flybys of downtown Houston day and night, pretty cool. They portray Houston well with a good attention to detail - they mentioned Ben Taub, Briar Forest, River Oaks, etc. all in the first episode. Smaller portions of the show were also set in Fort Worth, San Antonio, and El Paso, but no Dallas. It looks like they're really trying to appeal to the Texas audience with this one. Check it out.
  7. Wow, this is cool. I can't wait to watch them. Don't forget that "Real Housewives" is coming to Houston also.
  8. I'm all signed up, and it appears that I can manage my picks from the office this year! Thanks for putting this together again Highway6, gig'em!
  9. I agree that this is a good location, probably better than the other, as long as they can upgrade the nearby infrastructure. I know they completed the bridge and exits from Hwy 6 to Hwy 90, but I think they need better on/off access from Hwy 90 to Hwy 59 if they want people from Houston to have easy access to the new ballpark.
  10. Wow, nobody has been keeping up with Sugar Land Town Square. It's booming...still. They are adding more office space and retail/restaurant tenants continue to come aboard or expand. New businesses opening in Sugar Land Town Square
  11. This is a great location. Right on the hippest part of the Riverwalk.
  12. Neither was available when the Texans picked at 20. I think they got a solid Cornerback which, along with Running Back, was the biggest need. Hopefully we can get a good Running Back today in Round 2.
  13. It looks like I've already wrapped up first place! And before the Final Four weekend has even begun, not too shabby. No thanks to the teams from the state of Kansas.
  14. Let's please not get into this again. Read the full thread and your question is answered several times.
  15. I don't think there is enough demand for this sort of device that is not a laptop yet nearly as expensive as one and not as useful. I'd be surprised if this device took off outside of the Apple crowd.
  16. txtiger - Awesome! I hereby dub you King of this thread!
  17. I am a big fan, but yet cautiously optimistic. I have been fooled by the Texans before. While I do believe they can win on Monday and win several more to reach the playoffs, I don't have much confidence in them game to game. They are easily startled, and while they've been coming back in these games (Arizona, Indy), it's too late to take over and win. The Texans absolutely need to land the first punch Monday, we haven't scored on an opening drive all year, that's not the makings of a playoff team. I really hope we can turn the corner but it seems just as likely that we end up 8-8 or 9-7 and miss the playoffs.
  18. There is no excuse for the way this team took the field. They've had months to prepare, months to "be ready," month's to gameplan. This was a disgusting loss and embarrassing to every Texan on the field and sideline. If I was any member of the coaching staff, I'd lock myself in my office until next Sunday when I could attempt to make this right. The sad thing is that it will probably be worse vs. the Titans this Sunday.
  19. 1) Is this based on a study? 2) Why are whites singled out? 3) Why are middle/upper middle class families singled out? Shouldn't a school be good for all demographics? Not just one?
  20. I agree. I'd venture to say that those 3 million are more representative of Houston then the few hundred that post on this board. It seems like most around here are more than happy to bash Houston by comparing it to other cities. God forbid if you've never been to these other cities, then we don't even want to hear from you because your opinion is invalid. Anyhow, what's wrong with appreciating what we have and being recognized for it? You'll always find something better somewhere else, but Houston is a pretty great city with lots to offer. My opinion is that the Kemah Boardwalk is a huge positive for the Houston metro area, not a negative. The visitors I take there always want to go back.
  21. Back on topic... I also think the Kemah Boardwalk is great. It's a wonderful place to go for families to enjoy pure fun together and watch the sailboats go by. I don't think anyone in Houston believes the Kemah Boardwalk is better than Atlantic City or Santa Monica, but for Texas and the Gulf Coast it's a great thing. I haven't spoken to any Houstonians or out of town guests who didn't enjoy themselves at Kemah. It may be contrived and have too many Landry's restaurants, but it's a very pretty setting and would be sorely missed if it was not there. Now, the new $6 parking does tick me off.
  22. Von Wafer has signed a 2yr deal with Olympiacos of Greece. I'm sure this is a result of not seeing eye-to-eye with Rockets management. However, I really wish there wasn't a falling out as we could really use his services this year with all our injuries.
  23. I have to disagree. Kara is very useful, gives honest, objective, helpful advice. She doesn't smother the boys with useless adoration like Paula. Plus, she's easy on the eyes.
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