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  1. Hilarious. Cyclists often complain about the lack of courtesy exhibited to them by motorists (and I agree with them). But often they can be quite rude to motorists. This thread confirms that.
  2. I know with New Territory, the annexation by Sugar Land will not take place until the MUD debt is retired (2017). I imagine that Aliana and other potential annexation areas would have the same scenario.
  3. Yes, it was from Ike. Bolivar Peninsula, I believe. But I don't really think it's funny, either.
  4. TOUCHE! We just bought a house in New Territory. The prison bothers me not one iota. It is far from the worst thing that could be on "the other side of the tracks."
  5. If you don't appreciate history, then yes, it's overrated. If you do, then it is a must visit.
  6. Or even better, if variable rate billing is implemented, people can adjust their useage to a non-peak time to get a cheaper rate and therefore put less load on the system and avoid blackouts completely. If, say, my kWhr rate dropped after 10 pm, them I'm going to wait until then to run my dryer or my dishwasher, for example.
  7. Oh noes! We're being hated on by pretentious douchebags! Can you guess how concernedly concerned I am?
  8. The Astrodome was still cool and hadn't been turned into a soulless concrete donut by Bud Adams' demands (that we're still paying for).
  9. I was purely tongue-in-cheek on the Sugar Land thing, VicMan
  10. Whenever the evil Republican suburbanite Limbaugh-listening FoxNews-watching mobs complain about crime in low-income apartment complexes out in the burbs, the right-thinking progressive inner-loopers ask them, "Where are you going to put them? Where are the poor people supposed to live?" It's one of the most popular petards to lob on HAIF. So if we demolish thousands of units in Gulfton, where are those people supposed to go. I suppose the right-thinking progressive answer is "Sugar Land."
  11. Technically, he wasn't traded. John F***ing McMullen didn't want to re-sign him. I hated him almost as much as Bud Adams. Almost.
  12. I'm thinking 9-7, but on the outside looking in for January.
  13. For the 288 tollway project, HCTRA is considering tollway-to-tollway direct connectors, but that isn't set in stone. I don't know anything about direct connectors to the 288 mainlanes.
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