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  1. Sorry that you got flooded:( My husband and I are currently working on restoring a 1954 mod in Oak Forest, but we are taking so long to finish that we may be outgrowing it soon! I'd also like more information, please:)
  2. I'm cleaning out the shop and selling my Safco roll file. It still sells new for $225 on their site - http://tiny.cc/rkwvix In excellent used condition, asking $50. Located in 290/610 area.
  3. Saul Avarado 832-455-4833 He's hardworking and honest. He works solo usually, so if your job is huge and / or on a tight timeline he might not be the guy for you, but we have used him for our entire remodel process so far and have been happy.
  4. It is a shame about the house on Macgregor. I came across it one day and despite its derelict state, I had to get out of the car and get a better look. It must have been stunning in its day.
  5. That looks nice and clean. Who did you use? I'm searching for a tile setter in earnest.
  6. Thanks! I did receive a great word-of-mouth recommendation from an old teacher. He's even going to help me install my cabinets when he's done with the drywall!
  7. Can anyone recommend a good drywall contractor? I'm going to need extensive work done with this remodel. I'm in the Oak Forest area.
  8. Thanks guys. We ended up splurging on the entry level Fleetwood slider ($2500 for a 3 panel 12x8) and going with Western Window Systems for the horizontal sliders. We were considering Milgard, but WWS was not that much more and the frame has more of the look we want. 1 more task down, about 15 to go!
  9. My husband and I fell in love with and purchased a MCM home in need of many repairs a year ago. We are now just looking into replacing all 13 of the horizontal slider windows and the three- panel sliding glass door unit. We want to replace the windows with low-profile aluminum ones (mill finish or clear anodized) similar to the originals. For the sliding door replacement, we would also like a silver color and a low profile. Does anyone have suggestions for something available locally? We already looked at Fleetwood for the door, which is sexy but expensive.
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