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  1. If it's what I think it is, the Houston pilots (as in ships' pilots) union built a new building closer to the ship channel...
  2. Big loss; I wonder why they didn't try to sell it. I always went there for a dose of reality after looking at the sites that don't allow negative reviews.
  3. Electrotex was to the east, maybe a block or two away. I used to go to Little Pappasito's a lot, when the gas station was still there. After the drug store. The building seemed old 25 years ago.
  4. And... (cough) What are the official boundaries of The Heights? I don't think I'd call Washington and Houston Avenue The Heights. Isn't I-10 the southern boundary? Knapp would be in the Sixth Ward, I think...
  5. Would that be the topic(s) about orphanages?
  6. Hopefully it'll take some of the load off of the 249/Louetta store.
  7. The building is valued at $42,556, but the land is valued at $5,175,000. That's $0.21 per square foot of building, but $46.00 per square foot of land.
  8. They probably found the bunker beneath the building.
  9. They've paid taxes for the platted lot, not the piece of the lot next door... I don't think the city (county) will do anything unless they're forced to. It isn't the city's (county's) fault. They have nothing to do with dividing pieces of land into lots; they just record what/where a surveyor tells them the lots are. (I'm not a surveyor, but my father was a surveyor and civil engineer...) The "correct" thing to do would be to make everybody move their houses to the right until they're on their own lots. (Not going to happen.) There's no fair fix for everybody. If you replat as they are, the church loses. Who's going to compensate them for the loss? I do wonder if the developer is trying to get the piece of his lot next door plus the piece that the former house on his lot occupied.
  10. They haven't paid taxes on the part of the 734 lot that their house(s) is(are) on; they've paid taxes on the 730 lot that their house(s) is(are) on, including the piece that the 728 house is on. I'd say that the lots need to be replatted as is, but I think that's a pretty difficult thing to do. The one on the far end is going to be the only winner...
  11. Long ago, when I lived in a neighborhood with alleys, I talked to someone with the city (emailed, maybe) about people occupying/blocking alleys; he wanted to know where and it seemed like he was willing to take action about it.
  12. I didn't Google the name, but I did look up the address, and it doesn't exist any more.
  13. The picture was taken from west of Main, looking east; from where the new Rice building is or where the Baylor clinics building is. I wish I could zoom in on the picture. I didn't even see the cross until you mentioned it. I don't think the current Texas Children's buildings are in that picture. The lit sign to the right of the medical towers building could be Methodist.
  14. I thought that was it... What's the building behind the car lot?
  15. I was just on I-345 a few days ago. And this is the first time I've heard of I-345. That whole stretch is horrible from a sign standpoint; what's there now is confusing. I don't think an I-345 sign would help.
  16. Hmmm, I thought the Lone Star dealerships had all closed (due to bankruptcy), and I'm pretty sure the Lone Star Ford location is/was empty for a couple of years. But, I heard a commercial for Lone Start Ford, just south of Beltway 8 (on I-45) this afternoon.
  17. Lone Star Ford is long gone (as are all of the Lone Star dealerships, I think). I'll have to pay attention the next time I'm driving by doing 70; is the building gone now?
  18. I know Overbrook, but I don't remember the Yum Yum Pit...
  19. Somebody asked about the Tommy Vaughn sign; it may have been in another thread. It's still there, but I don't think I've ever seen it rotate. I'm not sure if they even light it. I'm not in that area after dark very often.
  20. I drove by the Ivy Russell building at Yale/11th today; besides Lola, there's a vitamin place and a fitness place, and room for more.
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