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  1. There are other unmanned stations in Houston. A couple that come to mind: one on Shepherd (north of 610, south of 45), and one in Tomball on 2920...
  2. I think her hair was too big to fit in the hat...
  3. There's one at 249 and Grant.
  4. I remember Mexico Lindo... I don't really remember the facade. Maybe brick...
  5. Oddly enough, the same people own 4718 Hallmark Drive: http://hcad.org/records/details.asp?crypt=%94%9A%B0%94%BFg%85%8F%80%7Bmm%8El%88tXtYW%9E%99%A2%D3%89%95%C2e%7CU%8A%80%86%C0%AB%A8%AD%86%5E&bld=1&tab= Which is a retirement home. And is the building behind 4824 San Felipe.
  6. I can't say I ever noticed them... (The trucks, not the place.) I lived a couple of blocks from there, and still drive down Washington on a regular basis.
  7. I said Mamacitas, and he hasn't contradicted that, so I'm right.
  8. I think it's 4824, not 2824... HCAD says Brazos Presbyterian Homes owns it. High rise old folks home going in, maybe?
  9. Does the rodeo use the Astrodome? The Astrodome would be a great botanical garden.
  10. I still think that was a Jamail's, as does someone else I know, but I haven't found any proof.
  11. Yes, that used to be very common in Houston.
  12. My guess would be Mamacitas, but it wasn't next door to Fuddruckers. The wind was from the south that day.
  13. That may be why I don't recognize it; the surroundings have changed, and I don't get to that area very often.
  14. I don't think the tornado watch will help. I don't know how long the Fuddruckers on NASA Road 1 has been there. Maybe someone can pull up a list of late 1990s Fudduckers locations... I'm sure some of them have been closed.
  15. Not necessarily, but it did have a ceiling.
  16. Immediately next door, or just close by? On the highway, or just close by?
  17. 10% increase in appraised value here, in far NW Harris County, outside of the city limits.
  18. It was where the pet store (Pet Smart? Pet Something? No Pets Here.) is now, I think; not far south of San Felipe, on the west side of Shepherd.
  19. And then there's the definition of hoarding...
  20. I think there may have been one in Dickinson... But I could be wrong.
  21. It seems small to me, but the one piece (right triangle shaped) is, I think, 1.3 acres.
  22. One piece is listed as part of Herman Park (Herman Park C-95B, whatever that means). The other piece isn't listed; maybe it's part of the Fannin right of way. http://hcad.org/records/details.asp?crypt=%94%9A%B0%94%BFg%84%91%81%7Bom%8El%87tXt%5BW%9E%99%A2%D3%89%95%C2e%7CU%8A%7F%86%C0%AB%A8%AD%86%5E&bld=1&tab=1 http://hcad.org/iMaps/Tiles/Color/5355A8.pdf
  23. I haven't seen the Montrose show, but I've seen several others. One show was interesting, the others weren't... Hard to tell a story in 20 minutes or so.
  24. The city probably owns it all... One sliver is listed in HCAD, but there's another piece that isn't.
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