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    Good news: I just drove by and they appear to be painting the garage a blue-grey color that matches well with the glass. It certainly looks a LOT better than the concrete. Didn't have time to get my phone out and get a picture.
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    Sure, Fiesta's not especially attractive, new or sexy. What it does best is serve a large and diverse number of people - various ethic groups, incomes and especially neighborhood residents. What many of these so-called 'walkable' developments lack is stores and businesses of a more pedestrian nature ('pedestrian' in both senses of the word.). Fran Lebowitz commented that since the Times Square revitalization she can no longer walk to a bakery or butcher shop. I view Fiesta as an asset to the neighborhood.
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    all of the signs advertising the launch party for Pavilions on Thursday have a black line through the words Houston Pavilions.... look for Magic Johnson's people to rebrand the thing
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    This will go up on one of the two lots owned by Sudden Impact. The lot owned by Sudden Impact directly on Grey will not be affected by this development. CitySide just put up some signs today, so I would say it is still a go.
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    Original Timmy Chans was on Fannin past McGowen. You walked up steep steps to the restaurant on the 2nd floor. After it closed Dan McCluskey's Steak House took over the spot. Ate many lunches at Timmy Chan's when I worked downtown in the 70's and 80's.
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    This is going to come of as trolling, but it's a serious question, because this kind of comment always fascinates me. I think I understand your comments related to Chipotle and Starbucks because they're big corporations, they have a lot of locations and aren't unique to the area. But when in a companies' growth does that happen? Did Chipotle become bad when they took McDonalds money to finance their growth or was it before that (they had already expanded to 16 locations when that happened). Would you feel differently if Freebirds (80 locations, headquartered in California and growing) went into that space? What about Mission Burrito (4 locations and local)? What if an entrepreneur/chef who was trained at the Culinary Institute of America opened a fast, casual restaurant that was committed to sustainable agriculture (description of the first Chipotle Location opened by current chairman and CEO Steve Ellis)? I'm all in favor of supporting local restaurants and entrepreneurs and hopefully some of our locals will win the lottery, like Steve Ellis did. If you don't like Starbucks and Chipotle, don't patronize them, but a "tragedy"?
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    There is a pot hole when heading west on Westheimer at Montrose just in front of a Bus stop that seems deep enough to swallow your entire wheel. When it rains and a truck goes through anyone seeking shelter at that Bus stop is caught in a deluge of drain water--yipes/yuck!
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