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The Mythology Of Parking

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Subdude    1,308

The Mythology of Parking

By Jeffrey Tumlin and Adam Millard-Ball

Parking is the poor relation of architecture and design. Unglamorous and often downright ugly, it tends to be treated as a necessary evil. If the parking system works well, nobody notices. If it doesn

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dbigtex56    275

Excellent article.

I'm especially in agreement with #3 (free parking). As someone who does not own a car, I'm acutely aware that I'm indirectly paying for other people's parking spaces. Land acquisition, paving, taxes and maintenance of parking facilities are all factored into the prices set by landlords, stores and restaurants.

As a form of repayment, pedestrians are treated utterly like crap (ever try to get served at a drive-thru if you're not in a car? They're very humorless about it).

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