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San Diego Police - reckless

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They are the most aggressive police force in the United States of America, bar none.

They get away with whatever they want.

When I started living in San Diego in 2002 there was a front page story in the San Diego Union-Tribune (more neo-con neanderthal than the moderate right Hou Chron) that stated the SPD fired their guns way more than any other (presumably big city) force in the country.

Across San Diego County, OK, some police departments like the Sheriff's and National City set up routine DUI checkpoints on certain nights during the weekend.

But San Diego PD in early 2002, during the REGULAR WEEKDAY, daytime, set up a CHECKPOINT on Palm Avenue by the I-5 freeway. They inspected people for NO REAL REASON...and I'll tell you minorities, I among them, were sent to the adjacent park's parking lot while white people got to go on.

There was NO probable cause for any of that ____. My car had legal Florida tags and nothing wrong with my lights. No reason to pull me over and I was not speeding. (Of course, upon inspection, I had a Texas driver's license, Florida plates and was in California, so Officer Friendly said, "That's no good, so either fix your stuff...or go home." I said OK and went my way.)

They do that a lot.

SPD shot and killed a young (white) man in 2005 during a traffic stop. They said he waved a toy pistol mistaken for a real gun which turned out to be bullshit because while he did have one...it was AT HOME during the time in question. He did not have one in his car. That's one thing the San Diego Union-Tribune forgot to mention. Thank God for alternative media.

Then we have that Foley guy of the Chargers, former Texan. Some OFF-DUTY San Diego cop with a grudge against him actually followed him home just to shoot him. That's the real deal. So what do the news media do, even the "liberal" St. Petersburg Times, have to sugar coat? That Foley's intoxication level was above such and such...no mention of the procedural violations.

From what I understand, it is against procedure for off-duty cops, especially sans squad car, to make traffic stops.

Now that I'm in the Tampa Bay area, so far, Clearwater Police and Pinellas County Sheriff's aren't as...jackboot. But I've seen St. Petersburg Police pretty active in pulling people over left and right though...and it's a shame...the downtown there is happening now.

San Diego is like that. Across police forces, there are the little but zippy enforcement scooters that actually go through neighborhoods and strip mall parking lots examining cars or tags. And I kinda thought that strip malls are private property, no place for "unreasonable search and seizure" or something like that guaranteed by our Constitution.

The Chula Vista Police, however, to their credit do not behave like the San Diego PD or the National City PD or the San Diego Sheriffs. San Diego Police even seem to drive deep in the heart of National City, clearly out of their jurisdiction, and pull people over quite a bit.

Can you imagine in Houston that you're parked in Westchase Center or West Oaks Mall or Greenspoint or in Alief's Huntington Village or some place like that and you always see police scooters examining people's cars in the lots and neighborhood streets? Houston Police or the Constables or even METRO cops? (But the other area micro-police forces like Hedwig Village, Meadows and etc. are pretty creepy though.)

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^^^Except for one thing: Houston is among the top ten cities for racial profiling according to a study two years ago which aired on Dateline NBC. The main part of the sotry on that show was when a Black man who was 18 got shot and killed by police in Cincinnati; it was considered racial profiling. He should have been punished for stealing the car he was cruisin in, but that was no reason to shoot em cuz he was Black.

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Worldly, did you happen to look up the crime rate of San Diego also, while you worte this thread ? :huh:

Yes, and San Diego in terms of overall violent crime is not nearly quite as bad as, say, Houston and Los Angeles.


And that does not explain why the San Diego Police force had to set up a checkpoint, stopping people on a REGULAR BUSINESS DAY simply to see what race you are or how you react! On that day in 2002, I could even notice that some of the SDPD cops seemed to be a bit uneasy or flustered about it.

We do have a Constitution that protects us from that BS, it should be reminded.

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