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Looking for info on the Houston area. Relocating. HELP!


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Others will chime in about specific parts of town they recommend for you, but I'm most familiar with downtown (77002/77003), east end (77003/77023), and Meyerland/Bellaire (77035/77096/77401). In your price range, I think you can forget anything of substance really close to downtown/inside the loop. It might be possible, but you probably wouldn't be happy with what you got. For instance a condo for $120k might have $150/mo in maintenance fees, so it is then out of your price range.

The Meyerland area is a possibility, in neighborhoods like Westbury, Braeburn Valley, etc (77035/77096). A lot of Asian people live in SW Houston (Meyerland area around 610/Braeswood, Sharpstown off I-59, Beltway 8/Bellaire Blvd<--That's sort of where the 'new' Chinatown is (the old one being near downtown, do a search on this site for that thread)).

As for Sugarland, yes 21 miles is pretty far if you commute daily into downtown. People do it all the time, though, and from greater distances. Housing itself is more affordable, though when you add the extra cost on commuting (your time, wear and tear, etc.) the benefits diminish somewhat. But the schools are probably better (if you care). If you are looking at the suburbs, the stock of affordable housing is mind-boggling as there are neighborhoods of all price ranges in every part of the city. As with any big city, you have to take into account where you work and what freeways/surface roads you need to take to get there.

Houston, unlike many other older cities, has strong annexation powers. So when we say 'the city,' we usually mean inside the loop. The actual city limit encompasses many areas we would call the suburbs even though they have Houston mailing addresses.

Oh, and Houston is a very diverse city, which is a tremendous asset. As such, there are probably only a few parts of town where you might feel a definite minority. This city tends to be a nice eclectic mix of people from all walks of life.

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Thanks. If anyone else has an info or opinions, please chime in.

Also, if you guys tell me about an area, if possible, please let me know the zip code also. That is the main way I am doing my searches.

Sagemont (77089) has a large Vietnamese community. The area has become a lot more Hispanic lately but I believe there is still a large Asian presence. There are several Asian markets, Pho restaurants, etc.

It's on the Southeast side, so it may not be exactly where you want to be.

but, It has good access to the Beltway and I-45 and It's positioned sort of halfway between the Clear Lake (NASA) and Downtown.

Crime is probably average. Pretty much a basic 70's suburban middle-working class community. Nothing too fancy.

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