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Construction I Have Noticed Around The City

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Park 10 - 4 to 5 story structure

West 8 - 4 to 5 story structure

galleria area - two 4 -6 story structures to be condos

10 + story structure around woodway

energy corridor - 2 cranes at eldridge and I-10

6 + story hotel on eldridge and enclave

10+ story on enclave (beleive sysco HQ)

DT - 2 cranes for new addition at UHD

Crane at the new church

Medical Center - At least four cranes at seperate locations.

Greenway Plaza (off of Richmond) - The beggining of new condos.

Also seems like hundreds of townhomes from midtown to off of Washington to east of DT.

I wish their was some sort of stock to buy in Houston consruction......

I've noticed these new projects in the construction phase, during the last two weeks. How do you find out what is going on or what other projects that are in the city right now ?

What ever happen to the Camden project off the rail line around midtown. I see the bllboard at the site still up.

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