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Who is responsible for insulation dam and keeping loose fill out of soffits

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Recently had R-50 loose fill insulation installed in the attic of a newly constructed home.  The attic space is vented and there were no plywood insulation dams installed.  I'm concerned about the insulation falling down into the soffits and blocking the vent holes.  My insulator's quote included rafter baffles but they did not install them because they said that it would cover the soffit vents.  I assumed they would break the baffles and run them vertically to close off to create a dam but he said they do not do that and that the dam is someone elses responsibility.  So my question is for new home builds in the Houston, TX area who is responsible for installing the insulation dams?  Included some photos of my current situation (photos in PDF) and then what I was expecting (last photo with baffles).


Insulation Dams.pdf

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