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Wortham Tower: Office Skyscraper At 2929 Allen Pkwy.

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Yep on Riviana. And Woodson was called the Liberty Tower when I worked for American General Fire & Casualty from 1982-1990.

My aunt was there for 31 years and had some interesting stories - once when she was getting her hair done in the salon (ground floor of the Wortham Tower, IIRC; have no idea if extant) there was a huge commotion near the food court; yelling; screaming, etc. Everyone went out, including ladies half-manicured and hair in curlers to see a guy in a business suit shouting and tearing at his clothes. Full-on nervous breakdown from what she heard. Security came & led him off and she never heard anything else about it, or anything that she shared with me. As I was in the employee property insurance department for a while, she may have felt that specific knowledge would have been awkward had he any coverage through us.

Nothing nearly as dramatic when I worked there, but a few of us did have fun killing time in the bar next to the old La Belle Rive restaurant between the 4 PM quittin' time and our 5:30 insurance classes on Mondays. A few Irish coffees and we weren't embarassed about asking any questions. :D

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