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Scanlan Oaks Elementary School At 9000 Camp Sienna Trl.


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Had to resurrect this old thread to respond to the absolutely laughable claim that Sienna is not racially diverse. I live in the Waters Lake area in Sienna. The diversity is one of the things I love most about this neighborhood. In the 5 houses on my side of the street are 3 black families and 2 white families. In the two houses directly across from me are an Asian-American and a Hispanic family. Aside from the anecdotal evidence, the two elementary schools zoned to Sienna (Scanlan Oaks and Sienna Crossing) are both slightly more than 50% white, with Hispanic, African-American and Asian American varying between 8-22%. I can't find the data on Baines Middle, but last I checked it was very close to 30/30/30/10 (though I think I read that some Lake Olympia students had been diverted to Baines, so it may not be just a Sienna school). The demonstrable fact is that it is hard to get much more racially diverse than Sienna Plantation. http://www.har.com/school/dispSearchCampus...&sort=grade

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