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Galveston Henderson And Houston Railroad Company (GH&H)


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From Wiki:

SH 19 was one of the original 26 Texas state highways proposed in 1917. The original proposal was for it to run from the Texas/Oklahoma border north of Paris to Houston. By 1922 it had been extended south, with a terminus in Freeport. By 1933, SH 19 was pared back significantly, with the section north of Alba transferred to SH 24 and SH 154. By 1939, the section south of Palestine had been removed, but was extended north back over SH 154 to Sulphur Springs. In 1960, it was extended northward to its original starting point of Paris and again to the south to Huntsville, replacing SH 45.

Texas State Highway 3, or SH 3, runs from Interstate 45 in Houston near William P. Hobby Airport to State Highway 146, 9.9 miles (15.9 km) northwest of Galveston. For most of its length, SH 3 parallels I-45 and runs alongside the former Galveston Henderson And Houston Railroad Company (GH&H) rail lines.

SH 3 was one of the original twenty six state highways proposed in 1917, overlayed on top of the Southern National Highway. From 1919, the routing mostly followed present day United States Highway 90 from Orange to Houston and San Antonio through to Del Rio. The road at this time also had numerous alternate routes simultaneously marked as SH 3, along with occasionally signed SH 3A routes (although most of those routes were given their own numbers by the 1930s).

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