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Main Street Freeport TX | Freeport TX | Facebook

Could Main Street bring Freeport's downtown back to life? | News | thefacts.com

"A major part of that mission has been approved by the Freeport City Council with support from the Freeport Economic Development Corp. Through the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Center for Urban Planning and Research, Main Street Freeport will conduct a study of the city’s past and present to create a comprehensive downtown plan that will include guidelines for the preservation of historic buildings."

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The biggest obstacle to success in Freeport is not the infighting there, but the quasipublic quasiprivate Port Freeport, which wanted to redevelop everything east of downtown.  Their past leadership was aggressive and somewhat effective in throwing friendly neighborhood threat of future eminent domain shade over property owners to suppress their property values starting way back in the 1990s.  
Their idea -- as I understand it -- is to create intermodal container tractor-trailer loading yards all the way up to Pine Street, hoping that future container traffic will be available and be sold on the idea of getting in and out without having to wait in line for access to the Ship Channel.  

But this is across the street from downtown and one block from the Park Ave. esplanade.  And who wants to go shop and hang out by an industrial fenceline? 

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