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You love HAIF.  We all love HAIF.  And now there's a way you can show you love for HAIF.

Just like your grandmother slipping a check inside a birthday card, you can express your love of quality Houston information by slipping HAIF some money.  And just like your grandmother's love, it costs just five dollars!  

HAIF+ is all the HAIFy goodness you know and love, but without any banner ads.

Benefits of HAIF+:

  • With no banner ads, HAIF pages load faster.
  • You support HAIF directly, rather than enduring internet network ads, which end up paying us as little as 0.001¢ (Yes, that's one one-hundredth of a cent!)
  • You feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you helped support Houston people running a Houston web site for people in Houston, rather than a trillion-dollar global advertising platform disguised as a "social media." 
  • No punching of monkeys required!

HAIF+ has just two simple plans:

  • $5 per month
  • $50 per year


To get started, send a message to @editor, or e-mail editor@houstonarchitecture.com.  Because we're just ordinary schmoes like you, the available payment methods are:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Apple Cash
  • Frank's Pizza gift certificates

If none of those work for you, give us a shout at @editor, and we'll work something out.


Seldom Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I sign up for HAIF+?

A: Because you love HAIF, but hate ads.


Q: Why can't I just use an ad blocker?

A: Because then you are taking away from HAIF.  Running HAIF isn't cheap.  It costs many hundreds of dollars each month to keep this web site online and available for the people of Houston, near and far.  If you use HAIF without viewing ads, or signing up for ad-free HAIF, then you are deliberately helping to bring about the demise of HAIF and make Houston a worse place for yourself and your neighbors.  Why would you do that?


Q: But I can't afford five bucks! 

A: Then you should probably work on other things in your life to improve your situation, rather than wasting your time on HAIF or any other web site.

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