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First Presbyterian Church On Main St.


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I know it's looking north from between Main and Travis. I was wondering from what building it might have been taken. I would guess maybe the old Humble building at Main and Dallas.

If I read that caption correctly, that church is First Presbyterian, and that's the Esperson Building going up over on Travis one block behind it. The other building under construction on Main is the Gulf Building, now JP Morgan Chase Bank. That shorter building just north of the church is the Lamar Hotel, I think.

It does appear, to me, that this photo was taken from a few blocks south on the old Humble Building, which I believe is at Main and Polk.

Speaking of that beautiful old building, does anybody know whatever became of a developer's plans to turn it into luxury apartments?

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I thought the old Humble Building was that building on Polk at Main, in the block just north of First Methodist Church, which is clearly visible in that photo.

The First Methodist Church was, and still is, at the corner of Main and Clay and not visible in this photo. That's the old First Presbyterian Church, as noted in the upper right hand corner of the photo, which was at the corner of Main and McKinney. The original Humble Building structure, at the corner of Main and Dallas, was built in 1921. Not sure when the addition that extended it to Polk was added. I don't think it was part of the original.

Edit: Filio, I read and quoted your post before you edited.

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