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Leland South Congress: Multifamily - 2105 South Congress Ave.


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Residential mid-rise condo building with over 250 units, separate town homes, garage, and street level retail.

Architect - https://www.kirksey.com

File #: 23-2435, Agenda Item #: 5.


Authorize negotiation and execution of a cost participation agreement with Soco Development LP for the City to reimburse the developer for costs associated with the design and construction of an oversized water main and appurtenances related to Service Extension Request No. 5627 that will provide water service to a proposed mixed-use development located at 2105 S. Congress Ave in an amount not to exceed $402,500.


The S Congress and E Live Oak project consists of approximately 2.84 acres of land located at 2105 S. Congress Ave. (the “Property”). The Property is located entirely within the City of Austin’s (the “City”) Full- Purpose, Impact Fee Boundary, Austin Water’s service area for water and wastewater, the Desired Development Zone, and the East Bouldin Watershed. A map of the property location is attached.

Soco Development LP (the “Owner”) is proposing to develop approximately 5 single-family homes, 273 multi- family units, 8,000 sq. ft. retail space, and 8,000 sq. ft. restaurant space. The Owner requested that the City provide water utility service to the Property as proposed in Service Extension Request (SER) No. 5627. Austin Water will provide retail wastewater service to the Property as proposed in SER No. 5628.







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