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One Westlake Park: Office Tower At 501 Westlake Park Blvd.

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I grew up in Fleetwood and I have lots of friends whose parents still live in Fleetwood, Barkers Landing, Thornwood, and Memorial Thicket. They all feed in to Taylor High School these days. I love Fleetwood up against the Bayou. I love having an alley to play basketball with the kids, etc. I don't know about total appreciation, but my Dad's house has appreciated about $100-$125k in the last 5 or so years (about 35%). Barkers landing is nice in that it has 4 tennis courts and a pool. Thornwood has cheaper houses and a pool. Both Thornwood and Barkers Landing have the downside of people in the nearby office buildings can see into your backyard. I know because my mom worked in the tallest Westlake building.

As for traffic - it is only bad going on East on memorial at the Eldridge light. For some reason they have screwed up the timing of that light lately and so it backs up where it can take up to 4 lights to get through at the worst times. This summer I got up every morning and took 6 to the Westpark Tollway and there was almost no traffic going that way.

As for bus accidents on I-10, the busses don't take I-10. Even when they fed into Mayde Creek we Park Ten. Now I think they go west on westheimer because Taylor HS is south of I-10.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Press Release: bp unveils first US bp pulse EV charging Gigahub™ at Houston headquarters | News and insights | Home


"HOUSTON – bp (NYSE: BP) will celebrate the opening of its new electric-vehicle charging site at its bp America headquarters in Houston, Texas, expanding its network of EV chargers in the US. The new bp pulse station is the first bp pulse branded Gigahub™ in the US and will be open to the public on April 2.

Emma Delaney, bp Executive Vice President for Customers & Products, said: "As we expand our global footprint, I am thrilled to unveil our first EV charging Gigahub in the US. With leading fast charging positions already in key markets in the UK, China, and Germany, we're learning about customer charging preferences on the go.”

The Gigahub™, expected to open on March 20, 2024, will offer 24 high-speed EV charge points with Tritium 150kW DC fast chargers. The chargers will be integrated with the bp pulse app, allowing users to locate the site, access real-time charging availability, and connect to WiFi."

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