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Harris County Precinct 3 Parks and Trails Master Plan

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Full Plan: https://www.pct3.com/Portals/45/Documents/Parks and Trails/Precinct 3 Parks and Trails Master Plan Full Report.pdf

Introduction: https://www.pct3.com/Portals/45/Documents/Introduction_2.pdf

Parks Plan East of 45: https://www.pct3.com/Portals/45/Documents/Parks and Trails/Parks Plan-East of 45.pdf

Parks Plan West of 45: https://www.pct3.com/Portals/45/Documents/Parks and Trails/Parks Plan-West of 45.pdf

Trails Plan East of 45: https://www.pct3.com/Portals/45/Documents/Parks and Trails/Trails Plan-East of 45.pdf

Appendix: https://www.pct3.com/Portals/45/Documents/Appendix_2.pdf




"Harris County Precinct 3 will undergo improvements to its parks and trails as part of a master plan that will impact an area where more than 1 million people reside within the county’s largest park system. In a news release, Commissioner Tom Ramsey announced the Precinct 3 Parks and Trails Master Plan that aims to improve, connect and grow the area’s parks and trails network.

The comprehensive set of recommendations were developed for:

  • 69 existing parks
  • Four new parks
  • 225 miles of new trails"
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