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League City Developing Master Plan for Clear Creek

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"League City residents want Clear Creek to remain a natural wildlife habitat, according to the first wave of public input meant to help guide the city’s development plans.

Residents want more ways to access the green space, like walking and biking trails, an elevated boardwalk, while preserving the stretch of waterway from Davis Road to Bay Area Boulevard, city spokesperson Sarah Osborne said."


"To achieve these goals, the plan recommends adding 2 miles of elevated boardwalk, 21 miles of hiking and biking trails, seven new kayak launches, increased signage, and creating new wetland protected areas. Trail connectivity is estimated at $13.6 million, while boardwalk development was estimated at $5.9 million.

The plan also recommended improvements and developments for special park areas at an estimated cost of $20.3 million."


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"On Sept. 11, League City City Council voted to approve the Clear Creek Master Plan, which outlines plans for transforming the watershed area along Clear Creek to allow the public greater access to Clear Creek and Clear Lake.

Instead of traditional development, the plan would pursue partnerships with landowners in the area to create natural areas, such as wetlands and gardens.
According to a draft of the Clear Creek Master Plan created by consulting firm Halff, the land in the proposed plan includes 30% residential land, and 29% parks and open spaces.

One of these open spaces, Myrtle Park was deeded to League City for the purposes of conservation, wildlife protection and education because the area’s tree canopy and wetland habitats made it unsuitable for housing development when the adjacent Clear Creek Village was established, according to a presentation during the meeting."

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