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Henry Staiti Mansion At 421 Westmoreland St.


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There is an excellent book locally called "Houston's Forgotten Heritage"<<Vertigo58

I have had a copy of that book for several years. It's full of great pics and is a good reference tool for some things. I think out of all the houses shown in the book only about four or five are still extant. In fact, since you brought the subject up, I am sitting here thumbing through it now because I haven't looked at it in a while. Some of my favorite houses are the Staiti House which was moved to the park downtown from Westmoreland and all those houses on Courtland Place. It's kind of interesting the evoloution of the downtown area or neartown. It started out being residential, then became small businesses and parking lots and now some of those sites are being reclaimed to build the numerous apartment complexes and other residential structures that are cropping up in the area. It's sort of like it's coming full circle in a way.....but not necessarily a good way.

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