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Eichwurzel Cemetary At 5715 Enid St.

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There is no cemetery UNDER the church ... The original church pastor, Rev. John W. Eichwurzel established a family cemetery on his land ... the church land also comes from his original land purchase in 1878 ...

Mr. Shackelford is buried in the Eichwurzel Cemetery located on Enid ... His 1913 death certificate clearly states he is buried in the White Oak Cemetery ... not Brooke Cemetery ...

This cemetery has also been known as:

Eichwurzel Family Cemetery

Little White Oak Bayou Cemetery

Sylvester Road Cemetery

White Oak Bayou Cemetery

I guess there is some confusion with the church and cemetery as they are both located on the land originally owned by Rev. Eichwurzel ... but now under the cemetery ...

See .... www.findagrave.com ... for more info on this cemetery ...

I had gotten a email about the Reid Memorial United Methodist Church located at 5203 Fulton, Houston,Texas. It had at one time a cemetery next to it called BROOKS CEMETERY. The church decided to expand around the 1940's so family of the deceased were asked to move their loved ones. Most were moved, some were not. Mary E. Peterson said her Grandfather William Henry Shackelford born 1883 ARK died in Houston 1913 is buried there. The problem is the church has no records. Where her grandfather is buried is covered over with a building and a paved driveway.

1. Would any one know how old the church building is?

2. Would any one know of or has heard of the Brooks Cemetery.

3. How could I find out what was located at this location back before 1940?

Thanks for any help.

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