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Riceville Cemetery At 9945 Honeywell Rd.


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In the 60s there was this large house at what now must be Gessner and Braeswood. I remember it from my youth and I believe it said C W Abercrombie on the mailbox. I remember going by it and stopping only to find it abandoned and open. Anyone know about this and why.? It was what I would consider a very nice place at one time.

I'm confused about where the house was. I know some people who've been in the area since the 60s and could ask them but I'd like to know just where it was. At the intersection you describe there wouldn't be room for a big house between S. Braeswood and the bayou north of S. Braeswood. The golf course is north of the bayou - Braeburn Country Club, I think.

Riceville School Rd. and Gessner were not the same as far as I know. There is a short section of Riceville School Rd. that runs only from W. Bellfort south to the Beltway 8 feeder road about a 1/4 mile west of S. Gessner. On the other side of the BW it's known as Stafford Road but I'm not sure just where Riceville itself was. The Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church is on Gessner; the old facility, which may have been on the site of the original, was just north of W. Bellfort, the new facility is just south of W. Bellfort. There was also a Riceville Gardens garden center just south of there which may have had nothing at all to do with Riceville.

I never knew the Riceville Cemetery was over there; I'll have to go over and check that out.

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