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Stride Wins Contest To Play With Bo Jovi!


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Hey everybody, I want to thank you for your support in the mix 96.5 contest. We'll be spending Tuesday with Bon Jovi doing the PR thing and then going on about 7:30 at Toyota Center. We're really pumped about this and you guys had a part in our win.

Thanks a million.


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YEAH ! Now where's my free ticket for all the votes, DAMMIT !

3rd row center, and a backstage pass, you engrate ! :angry2:

How's about a buffet in the greenroom and a hot blond with that?

What's bad is that we only get 1 ticket each. We do however get domestic exposure that money can't buy :P Thanks for the help my brutha.

Any idea how many votes you got compared to the other bands?

I don't know the vote totals, but from what we were told the difference was pretty significant. Thanks for the support Editor, I'm gunna have to contribute to HAIF now :P:P:P

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